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Home Business For The Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa!!!

And, of course, Happy Festivus (for the rest of us!)

I had a question asked of me today:

“Kevin, is this a good time of year to advertise my business?”

That’s the topic of today’s video …

[Short answer … “HECK Yes!!!]

There’s no time like the “present!”   (Did you catch that holiday reference?)

To give yourself the GIFT that’ll keep giving all year long … 


— TIME Freedom


— PHYSICAL Freedom


It all starts right HERE.   See you on the inside!!!

Top 5 Ways Your Job Is Costing You 5-Figures!

It’s Sunday night as I’m writing this.

I always hated this night because it meant

the dreaded “Monday Morning” was just
around the corner …

In tonight’s video, I’ll introduce you to

a new way of looking at Sundays …

Plus … offer a solution on how to

start LOVING Mondays!

Here comes the video …


Please go ahead and leave your comments

below in the chat …

And “stay tuned” for the “replay” of

my signature broadcast …

“Top 5 Ways Your Job Is Costing You

Five Figures!”


Lower Your Taxes By Starting A Home Business

Did you know you’re OVER PAYING your taxes by having a job instead of a business?


The SINGLE best thing you can do to KEEP more of your money is to IMMEDIATELY start a home business.

That’s the topic of today’s video …

I was fortunate to see Sandy Botkin, author of “Lower Your Taxes” at a business conference back in 2011.

Unlike the “stereotype” of the “typical” I.R.S. agent, he’s extremely entertaining and informative.

And, since he “retired” he’s now one of “us!”

Be sure to check out his website — www.SandyBotkin.com .

And also download his incredible app called TaxBot.  (Search for it on The App Store or Google Play!)

Like I stated in the video above … (you did watch it, right?)

Now is the best time to start a home-based business.  

The I.R.S. is practically “paying” you to do so.  (Think about that.  When you’re keeping more of your own money legally, it’s the same net outcome, right?)

Of course, I better offer a BIG disclaimer … 

I’m NOT a tax professional. 

But, I do work with some!

At the very least … 

1) Order the book “Lower Your Taxes

2) Start your home business for just $25 and test-drive us for 30 days.

3) And be sure to leave your comments below!

Thank you, again, for visiting the blog!

Stay tuned “tomorrow” for The Top 10 Ways Your Job Is Costing You Big Time!

Commitment — And Commitment To Completion [Late Night Video!]

Tonight, I’m writing a bit later than usual (1032PM EST).

Today was “one of those days” where my schedule just didn’t work for me.

Have you ever had one of those days?

Well … in this video I’ll share with you on how to quickly recover and get back on track ..

Remember, you’re going to have days where it feels like your life consumes you.

The key is to reset your schedule TONIGHT to ensure a better TOMORROW!

Celebrating YOUR Anniversary All Year Long!

Today is our 16th/18th Anniversary!  🙂


Melissa and I met 18 years ago on this day, and were married exactly 2 years later in Cancun, Mexico on 12/8/1999.

The coolest thing about meeting Melissa (besides her incredible smile and ability to always make me laugh!) was knowing she was already working from home full-time.

No job, no commute, and not time away from Josh and Olivia (who were 8 and 4 at that time!)

I started to realize that by marrying her … the “honeymoon” could keep going on …

We could be a “full-time family!”

Which is actually the topic for today’s video:

“Celebrating Your Anniversary All Year Long”


Like I said in the video above, take a moment right now and think about your IDEAL lifestyle … 

What if you could:

END your commute (especially in the winter on those “sloppy” rainy and snowy days!)
LIVE where you love
— And actually SLEEP until your eyes opened in the morning (no more alarm clocks!)

The “Honeymoon” can keep right on going …

When you find a group of people who can show you how to live this lifestyle.  

Which, by the way, we’ve now done together for 18 years.  

Yes, we can show you how to take these EXACT steps and move from “survive” to THRIVE!!

Thanks again for “tuning” in today.  

If you wouldn’t mind, please leave a comment below and be sure to “SHARE” with your friends.  

A lot more content is on the way to assist YOU in becoming FREE!


Imperfect Action … Always Better Than Perfect Inaction!

Energy Money

“Imperfect Action” is a term I remember hearing back about 9 years ago …

Imperfect Action

It stopped me in my tracks because it sounded odd to me.

It actually sounded careless, reckless and unprofessional.

But, I soon learned why that mindset was *SO* wrong.

(Public education can condition you … more on that on a different day!  LOL)

Let’s get back on task!  See for yourself in today’s video …


Over the last 9 years, my wife Melissa and I have taken this to heart.

1) Take the action.  Now.
2) Be open to making mistakes.
3) And figuring it out along the way!!

If you go all the way back to Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow
Rich” classic book, he covers this in his ‘Six Steps That Turn
Desire Into Gold.’

Specifically, Step #4 says, “Carry out a definite plan for carrying
out your desire and begin at once whether you are ready or not!”

By the way, you can download those “Six Steps” right here!


Stay tuned for more tips over the next 21 days that you’ll be
able to use to build YOUR business.

In the meantime, let me ask you a question …

What’s a time in your life where YOU took “imperfect
action” to get a desired result … and it worked?

Leave your answer in the comments below, please …

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