How to Heal Your Money Karma

money wisdom

One of the newsletters I subscribe to is Daily Om.  From time to time, they offer excerpts from courses on great subjects.  Here’s a particularly good one.


Heal Your Money Karma

From Heal Your Money Karma On-Line Course

by Spencer Sherman & Brent Kessel

The following is an excerpt from the “Heal Your Money Karma” on-line course. If you would like to enroll in the course, click here.

Heal Your Money Karma

When we gain awareness of our ancestral money patterns, we have the ability to create spaciousness around our unproductive money habits and beliefs. Spaciousness helps us loosen our grip on old patterns so that they can begin to unravel and we can develop new money habits and beliefs that serve us. We are often impulsive when it comes to money. Training ourselves to pause in the midst of reactivity energetically opens us up to a creative thought, a new insight, a new way of behaving. The money breath you will learn, for example, adds a much-needed pause to this contracted area in our life.

Transforming Old Patterns

The spiritual tools are now available for us to challenge our initiation into money and undo the conditioning of childhood money messages. In place of worn beliefs and undermining behaviors, we can affirm new beliefs and behaviors which align with who we are today.

Healing Emotions Around Money

Money has remained in shadow for so long that when we consciously bring it into the light and simply acknowledge the darkness, shame, and fear that we have around money, we begin to transform our old patterns. Being in denial, obsession, or resistance with any of our patterns, keeps them firmly in place. If you doubt this, observe your friends’ money patterns. If they are in denial, obsession, or resistance, don’’t their patterns stay in place?

Discovering and Balancing Your Financial Archetype


Your life experiences caused you to develop certain financial beliefs and habits and to avoid others. We have noticed that, although the details of people’s behaviors and problems are unique, there are great similarities among certain groups of people. We’ve created some broad definitions of these groups, or archetypes, so that people can learn from others who have gone through similar experiences. The value of defining these archetypes is that they give us a basis for understanding how we came to have our current financial life, and practices to pursue in order to create the financial life we most want.

Living an Authentic Money Life

When we gain awareness of the truth of our conditioning, we are naturally compelled to increase our resonance with what we really want in our lives and to create an authentic money life for ourselves.

A Living Example— – Healing the “Money is Difficult” Belief

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that money is difficult. As we understand our ancestral patterns and our archetypal money tendencies, we learn how to balance this tendency and create some spaciousness within which to create a paradigm shift in our lives. For me (Spencer), the thought that money is difficult began to shift at the level of the mind. Then I noticed that every cell in my body began to respond. Changing our beliefs will actually create new neural pathways in the brain. Take a moment to say “money is difficult” and notice how you feel. Now say “I have all the money I need at all times” and notice how you feel. Imagine the life you would live from these disparate messages. Which do you choose?

This is about healing and undoing the old programming so that we can uncover our own path towards financial wellness, generosity, and prosperity consciousness. Unfortunately, so many of us have been living the lives of our ancestors despite our best efforts not to continue this conditioning. Now, you can use revolutionary tools to birth a new relationship to money that actually nourishes our spirits and allows us to live gracefully, mindfully, joyously, and abundantly on this planet.

First, become aware of how your ancestors handled money. Start noticing the connections between your lineage, your childhood, and your current adult way of being around money. After watching the video, take time to write down answers to the following questions and/or discuss with your money ally.

• How did they earn it?

• How did they spend it?

• Save it?

• Invest it?

• Worry about it?

• Talk about it?

• Were they free with it?

• Generous?

• Careless?

• Frugal?

What are your own money shadows in your life today? HINT:

These are your money thoughts and behaviors that keep you from absolute bliss and abundance in your life and that you don’’t want others to know about.

To continue healing your ancestral money patterns:

1) Read and do the exercise on your “Family’s Money Mantras.”

2) Make the “Money Breath” a daily practice.

Family Money Mantras

Let’s begin by recalling the favorite money aphorisms or pieces of wisdom that our parents and grandparents delivered with seemingly benign purpose. What did they tend to say repeatedly about money or their relationship to money? When you are feeling money stress or worry, what mantras from your family seem to be causing that stress or worry?

For example, whenever I [Spencer Sherman] take a day off at the beach or do anything that can’t be measured in dollars, I hear my father’s voice say “money is the only thing that will give you security,– count your bank balance.” Often when I’’m shopping, I hear my mother’s voice say “We can’’t afford it,” and then I hear the opposite voice of my maternal grandfather say “Just go for it anyway.” No wonder we’’re so confused about money.

Write down the first mantras that come to mind for each of the following family members (it’’s ok that some might be blank):

• My father’’s money mantra was:

• My mother’’s money mantra was:

• My maternal grandfather’’s money mantra was:

• My paternal grandfather’’s money mantra was:

• My maternal grandmother’s money mantra was:

• My paternal grandmother’’s money mantra was:

• The cultural money mantras I heard from TV, books, religion, etc. were:

Ask yourself these questions and write down your answers. Or even better, get together with your financial ally and ask each other these questions (writing down this information is key to increasing your awareness, tracking your progress, and producing the largest money breakthroughs during the 8-week course):

• How does your current money life reflect these mantras?

• What are your predominant money fantasies or worries?

• How do you feel about spending money within your means (or not)?

• How is your spending in alignment with your spiritual and inner values? How is it not?

• Do you save money? If so, is it done in a way that reflects a sense of spaciousness and belief in your future, or not?

• Do you invest money? If so, what feelings do you experience around investing? Do you invest with a sense of desperation to hit a home run?

• Do your investments reflect your values, or not? If yes, how?

• Do you earn money with ease or effort? Describe.

• Do you earn money in ways that are consistent with your values?

• Do you borrow money with ease or stress? Describe.

• Do you truthfully communicate about money with your partner, friends, children, and colleagues? Do you honor your boundaries?

• Do you wisely and purposefully give money away?

• In general, do you radiate a consciousness of generosity and prosperity or one of scarcity and fear?

• Do you see any parallels between your ancestral money patterns and your own?

The Money Breath Meditation

money karma meditation

Our money thoughts happen in a nanosecond. We fear scarcity in one moment and fantasize about getting rich in the next we hate money, then we see money as energy, and then we feel resigned that our money lives or relationship to money will never change.

Perhaps you’’re saying to yourself “I’’m the product of my ancestral money lineage and there’s a family history of pain, difficulty, scarcity, bad money decisions, or just ignoring money altogether.” The purpose of the money breath is to slow us down whenever a money thought or money interaction occurs. Slowing down allows us to create enough spaciousness for us to see the truth, access our intuition, and see the higher path to take in this moment.

A pause of even one nanosecond around a fearful money thought can mean the difference between despair and joy, scarcity consciousness and abundance, stress and peace.

This simple breath exercise can be a powerful tool for overcoming money madness, which I define as any irrational or impulsive habitual money behavior that does not serve us. Once you are familiar with the exercise, skip the first part and you can use it in your daily life at any moment: while shopping, while doing your taxes, before or during a job interview or sales meeting. You can shift from fear to peace.

Part 1


• How do you feel physically? Tense, relaxed, energized, tired?

• What is your posture like? Slumped? Rigid? Relaxed?

• How busy is your mind? Racing? Full of thoughts? Quiet? Calm?

• Can you feel your breath moving in your body? Where?

• What is your mood like right now?

• What is your level of wanting to “do or change” something? Low, medium, high?

Important: Commit to giving full permission to be as you are without any attempt to correct, change, or better yourself in this moment.

• Feel your feet on the floor.

• Press down lightly on the floor with your feet and then release.

• Notice the places where you make contact with the chair.

• Are you trying to hold yourself up?

• Relax your muscles and let yourself be held, without collapsing.

• Allow your full weight to be carried by the chair and the floor.

Now bring your attention to your breath.

Where do you feel the physical sensation of your breath? As it moves through your nose, mouth, throat? Do you notice your chest, ribcage or belly moving when you breathe? Sense your breath between your shoulder blades and feel your spine responding to the breath.

Now notice the cycle of your breath: the inhale, the exhale, a pause, and then the next inhale, etc. Notice which is longer, your inhale or your exhale.


 Part II

Take a deep breath. Inhale through the nose and let your belly, rib cage and chest expand as you fill your lungs with air. One, two, three seconds.

At the top of the inhalation, lungs filled, pause for one second. Now exhale, letting your breath out easily through your open mouth for six seconds–twice as long as your inhale. At the bottom of the exhale, say to yourself, aloud if you can: “May my money wisdom increase.”

Repeat 2-3 times, then rest. Notice how you feel now–without having to change or do anything. Just be for a moment.

How to use the money breath in your daily life:

The aim of the money breath is to interrupt our automatic or impulsive money responses, and create a gap in our thinking that wisdom can fill.

I invite you to do the money breath throughout your day, whenever you think about money (listening to the financial news, for example) or are involved in a money transaction–whether it’s balancing your checkbook, rebalancing your investment portfolio, shopping in a store or online, paying for services, making a donation, etc.

I especially recommend doing the money breath any time an emotion around money is triggered— whether it’s fear, anxiety, greed, resignation, envy, ambition, or the need to win. This reactive state causes an adrenaline rush in the body. That, in turn, constricts your blood flow, speeding up your breathing, and makes your breath more shallow. Shallow breathing means that less oxygen gets to the brain; less oxygen to the brain means the brain doesn’t work as well as it can or should.

Doing the Money Breath burns off the excess adrenaline your irrational money behavior or money madness has prompted. It relaxes the blood flow and deepens your breathing so that more oxygen gets to the brain. You will think more creatively and clearly. You will replace your money madness with money wisdom. Psychologically, you’re bringing in your adult to care for your inner child. That inner child strained to breathe during money situations long ago, and now we have the ability to infuse that child with oxygen so that he or she feels safe enough to allow our adult wisdom to lead and make decisions instead of the scared child.

How the Money Breath works: You’’ve just learned how to slow down your whole system. On a physical level this increases oxygen and blood supply to your brain and all your cells. This actually increases the likelihood that you’ll be able to access the best source of information, namely YOU. When you ask for your money wisdom to increase, you affirm your own innate ability to transform your relationship with money regardless of how much money you have. You are calling your own money wisdom forward which has been blocked by impulsivity and old habits. The breath helps to open the channels of wisdom and clarity.

May your money wisdom increase throughout your week!

money wisdom

For more information visit Heal Your Money Karma On-Line Course

It’s Selfish To Be Poor In The Information Age

selfish to be poor

I ran across this great “meme” the other day …
… and it really hit me like a ton of bricks.

It’s absolutely SELFISH to be POOR

when all I have to do is apply myself
online and find a legitimate way to
generate an income!

What an epiphany, huh?  🙂

Some may take great offense to this.

In fact, I did years ago because I heard
this at a network marketing event because
I was struggling.

I didn’t have any answers at age 24 other
than, “go get a higher paying job.”

(That was in 1994.  I didn’t even have an
America Online account yet!  LOL)

However, when I was introduced to the
wonderful world of network marketing,
my mind became wide open to the …


It was only recently I ran across this
concept and recalled I’d actually heard
it 20 years ago!  🙂

So let’s dive in …

If your “paycheck” is just paying for food
and shelter, there’s no room for economic

For being creative enough to innovate,
tithe, give back, pay it forward, etc.

Which makes you a modern day slave.


For years, I was learning to be “creative”
at how to live on less money (at times in
my 20’s and 30’s).

I actually learned that mindset from being
a “broke” college student. Like it was a
badge of “courage.”

More like stupidity, right?

In the land of “opportunity.”


The most SELFISH thing one can do is
choose to remain broke.

Read that again.

==> The most SELFISH thing one can
do is choose to remain broke.

That may come across as offensive to some.

Here’s the truth.

Getting YOUR bills, family, health,
money, etc. handled …

Allows to you commit more creative time
and effort toward solving OTHER’S problems …

And being of $ERVICE to society.

(You may want to let that sink in
for a few minutes!)

I got so far off track at times.

Especially in my 20’s when I was
“grinding” at low-paying jobs.

Fortunately, I found my way back. 

By plugging into mentors having
the RESULTS I wanted to have.

Who could “show me the way”
from Point A to Point B.

I say this often …

EVERY ONE here on social media
(you included!) can solve his/her personal
economic crises within 90 days if s/he’ll
just stop playing games and learn how to be
of $ervice and value via this incredible
platform of social media!

So … are you ready to give up economic
slavery and choose economic freedom


You’re already in the right place …

1) You have access to the internet!
2) You’re able to read this article
3) Add desire and hustle …

And you’re ready for success!!


The Middle Class Is Shrinking. But You Don’t Have To …

Have you “heard the news?”

Here in the United States, for as long as I can remember, the so-called “middle class” has been the “majority” of our population.

“Most” people weren’t “rich” or “poor” .  In 1971, 61% were “middle class”.

Middle Class Income

However, the trends have been moving people either “up” or “down” lately.

And today, for the first time, the “middle class” touched BELOW 50%!

In the land of OPPORTUNITY … that’s a GOOD thing, right?

That’s the topic of today’s VIDEO …

Melissa and I learned years ago there’d NEVER be an opportunity for us to:

— Live where we love
— Sleep ’til our eyes opened each morning
— Had quality time with the kids each day
— And each other  🙂

If we had settled for going off to work each day in two separate cars to two separate jobs, we probably would have kept sliding down the “middle class” category as the years went by.

In today’s world, jobs actually COST you lots and lots of money.

I actually discussed this on a previous blog post (it’s stunning!)

Thanks again for “tuning in” today!

Final question for you …

“Should the United States tax the rich and give more to the poor in order to ‘bring back’ the middle class?”

I’ll look forward to reading your comments below!

Making Family Memories – Part 2 of 3

Last week, Melissa and I had the privilege of having extended
quality time with her sister’s side of the family.

Here’s a fun photo of all of us making a “dinosaur” face …

They live in Connecticut.  We live in Florida.

(Meeting at Disney World sure is convenient!)

There are three generations of Gibbs and Burkes …

And two generations of Knechts!!

Here’s a picture that turns out to be one of my favorites:

Melissa along with her (great) great nieces: Aubrey & Ella.

I’ve watched Melissa develop a wonderful relationship
with those girls (as well as with another “favorite” niece’s
girls!) …

Because she’s had the TIME to get to know them!

That wouldn’t happen if we weren’t privileged to have
a home business and be able to set our schedules.

One of Ella’s best memories is having her Aunt Melissa
there after school to pick her up recently …

(at 3PM in the afternoon, when most people are at work!)

Oh, by the way, if you choose to bring your family
to Disney for a few days in a row, be ready to log
some miles!

On our three days, I logged: 6.05 + 6.62 + 8.95 =

==> 21.67 miles!!!

(Whoops!  I did the math incorrect on the graphic).

But, getting back to the numbers …

Yes, on a 4-day visit, it can actually qualify you
and your family as a “marathon” family!

However, if you’re not being “present” with your
family before a trip like this …

It may actually FEEL like a marathon!!!

And THAT my friend, is the million dollar secret.

TIME freedom allows us to have QUALITY time
with our loved ones …

And more importantly …

How to truly ENJOY these kind of moments!

No family is perfect.

There were a couple of kid “meltdowns” …

And having 9 adults together can make
decision making a bit fascinating …

But, overall, it really was an incredible few days!

Thanks so much to: David, Melody, Don, Carol, 
Justin, Jamie, Corrin, Ella, Aubrey (and of course
to Melissa and Tanner!) for a really fun fun fun
3 days!!   🙂

On the next post, we’ll dive into a few Disney
ninja tips so you can get the most out of your

In the meantime, please leave your comments below,
especially if you’d like to share your #Ninja family 
travel tips and/or Disney experiences!

[ P.S. And, if you’d like to have the ability to travel
with your family on your terms rather than crowding
into the park when all the other families are on 
vacation, then be sure to click here for the exact system
Melissa and I have used to develop a five-figure monthly
income that works while we play! ]



Making Family Memories – Part 1 of 3

My wife Melissa and I made a decision 18 years ago
that we’d be full-time parents to our kids.

We’d be home with them on a daily basis.

Not an easy decision to make because we knew
we’d have to work for ourselves.

Back in early 1998, working “online” was a bit
of a novelty …

But today in 2016, there’s no shortage of ways
to create an online income.

Which brings me to our current situation …

Our  15-year-old son … Tanner!

He’s never known a day where Mom and Dad
have had to leave the house looking for work.

He’s actually a “virtual” school student
(meaning he, too, “works” from home).

We recently created a series of blog posts on
“Why Virtual School” which you can see here.

So … getting back to today!

I realized how blessed I am to really KNOW
Tanner (and my wife, Melissa, for that matter!)

We checked into Saratoga Springs Resort
here at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

(Here’s a video of our “sweet” suite!)

It’s only 112 miles door-to-door from our
home in Sarasota, FL.

(Another decision from having a virtual
business … living where you love!)

Oh … I got off track again!

Getting back to today …

I realized while walking around the
Magic Kingdom (and then the evening
in Disney Springs) …

Just how much fun the three of us had
by being together, telling jokes, inspiring
each other, and remembering all of the
great moments we’ve had long-term
together in our lives.

And … taking in a great sunset halfway
between the Magic Kingdom and Polynesian
Village Resort!  🙂

It’s EXACTLY what Melissa and I saw for
our family when we made the decision
18 years ago that’d be home with our kids
and be able to see them grow up.

It’s especially apparent here in Walt Disney
World, where we see so many families, and
also continue to see the inspiring messages
from Walt Disney himself …

That EVERY day is a GIFT!

May today be the day YOU, too, decide to
be the primary influence in the upbringing
of your kids/grandkids.

And/or …

To start pursing YOUR passions in life.

Our community of entrepreneurs can
assist you in identifying what that is
and show you a path of how to get from
Point “A” (no clue) to “B” (on the path
with an enthusiastic plan from your
ideal location!)

When you join our team, you’ll immediately
receive access to our Fast Start Training
which will set the stage for us to have a
powerful conversation about your goals.

In the meantime, we’d love for you to
share your thoughts on this topic in the
comments below.

Or, if you have a question, feel free to type
it below and I’ll be sure to come back and
personally answer it for you (after we
get back from another round of riding the
“People Mover!”  LOL)


Getting To The Front Of The Line In Life

I got to the front of the line at the post office yesterday (without
having to wait for the 15 people in front of me!)

And, I did it without getting into too much trouble!  LOL


In this video, you’ll discover EXACTLY how I did it. 

2016-02-17 Kevin Knecht Selfie Facebook Live

More importantly, you’ll also learn how you can use 
this simple mindset tweak to “get to the front of the line”

Adult Coloring Books – The New Zen Craze

good vibes adult coloring book

I was a bit dubious when it was first suggested to me that I get some adult coloring books. (Thanks Julia Treat!)  I kind of passed it off at first and then started to see articles and ads for them EVERYWHERE! I was amazed at how I had no knowledge of them and then saw ads and articles for them wherever I looked.  I took it as a (second) sign from the Universe and ordered some.

I have found it to be one of the most relaxing, absorbing and meditative practices I’ve ever engaged in.  

The first ones that I learned about were those with Mandalas.

According to Wikipedia, a Mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, lit, circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe. In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.

I hopped on Amazon (my favorite place to shop) and got two books. (Scroll each link and click to see more on Amazon.)

I scrounged all my kids’ colored pencils and sharpened them all and started with them.  I like the softer, creamy colored pencils.  My first couple of creations were completed with various brands of them.
(Click on the pictures to see them larger.)

first adult coloring book creationsecond adult coloring book creation

I soon got guidance from several people to try gel pens… then my coloring world really opened up!  This is the first set I got – and they are great! So easy on your hands for long coloring sessions. (I should mention here, this is very addicting!) 

Here’s my first Mandala with the gel pens:
(Click on the picture to see it larger.)

third adult coloring book creation
With the pens, I also got more books. (I was on a roll!)
(Scroll each link and click to see more on Amazon.)



And here are some of my other creations so far.
(Click on the pictures to see them larger.)

Fourth Adult Coloring Book Creation  Fifth Adult Coloring Book Creation  Sixth Adult Coloring Book Creation.jpg  Seventh Adult Coloring Book Creation.jpg

So as I write this, I’m on a plane headed back home after a lot of great travel to Miami and Phoenix.  I’m looking forward to having some time to reacclimate and zen out with some cuddle time with my rescue puppy, Sashi (interestingly – a Sanskrit name I chose which means Moon) and some coloring time. Bliss… 

Home Business For The Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa!!!

And, of course, Happy Festivus (for the rest of us!)

I had a question asked of me today:

“Kevin, is this a good time of year to advertise my business?”

That’s the topic of today’s video …

[Short answer … “HECK Yes!!!]

There’s no time like the “present!”   (Did you catch that holiday reference?)

To give yourself the GIFT that’ll keep giving all year long … 


— TIME Freedom


— PHYSICAL Freedom


It all starts right HERE.   See you on the inside!!!