50 Secrets of Prosperity from Randy Gage

Randy Gage is one of our All-TIme Favorites …

Randy Gage

He’s a good-looking bald guy (much like one of the authors of this blog)  😉 
–who used to be beyond broke
–and is now extremely wealthy
–by providing TONS of value to his clients

He recently published an incredible list of his
“50 Secrets Of Prosperity”

Here’s the list below.  

What else would *YOU* add to the list?
(Please leave your comments below!)

1) Rich people think differently than broke people.

2) Healthy people think differently than sick people.

3) Happy people think differently than depressed people.

4) You’re not poor because you don’t have money.  You’re poor if you don’t have a dream.

5) Governments do not create prosperity.  At best, they facilitate it.  Usually, they squander it.

6) Money at its very essence is energy – which can be attracted or repelled.

money is energy

7) With a powerful vision that pulls you toward it – you bend the universe to your will.

8) When your dream is bold enough, the facts no longer matter.

9) Your past does not have to determine your future.  But only when you decide to break the cycle.

10) You can watch five to six hours of television a day, or you can be rich, but you can’t do both.

11) You can be a victim or a victor, but you can’t be both.

12) Poverty is not the absence of money and material things; it is a mindset.


13) Prosperity is not an abundance of money and material things; it is a mindset.

14) You might think you have a money shortage, but it’s really only an idea shortage.

15) Never let anyone else’s limiting belief become yours.

16) If you want to become wealthy, stop taking financial advice from broke people.

17) Your wealth grows exactly at the same rate your prosperity consciousness does.

18) The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.

19) Wealth is created by adding value and solving problems.

20) You must be willing to let go of who you have been, to become who you are meant to be.

21) Prosperity is your birthright and natural condition.

Prosperity is your birthright

22) The universe can only do for you what it can do through you.

23) Gossiping about others creates a negative prosperity debt.

24) You must be willing to give up some things you want, to get the things you really want.

25) If you don’t invest in yourself, it’s probably a pretty bad investment for anyone else.

26) Only argue for the limitations you really want to keep!

27) Only acknowledge your limitations for the purpose of overcoming them.

28) To embolden yourself, surround yourself with bold people.

29) Money doesn’t buy happiness.  But neither does poverty.

30) Bills are simply invoices for blessings you’ve already received.  Treat them accordingly.

31) Surround yourself with people who dream bigger than you do.

32) You can’t out give the universe.

33) The best thing you can do for the poor, hungry and exploited is not be one of them.

34) When you get negative people out of your life, negative things happen a lot less frequently.

35) Vengeance must walk out before love can walk in.

36) The universe won’t give you your next assignment until you’re overqualified for your current one.

37) Let go of the need to be liked.  Successful people threaten mediocrity.

38) Haters don’t hate you.  They hate themselves because they don’t have the guts to do what you’re doing.

39) Salesy is always better than brokey.

40) Never shop anywhere women are wearing curlers in their hair.

41) Build your own dream instead of borrowing the dreams of others.

42) Build a dream so compelling it pulls you towards it.

43) Your dream needs to be as big as you are.  And that’s really big.

44) If you’re not scared, you need a bigger goal.

45) When you make your dream bigger, it makes you bigger.

46) If you find yourself starting over too much, stop giving up so easily.

47) To unleash your power, start believing in your power.

48) If your dream isn’t outrageous, you’re just not being realistic.

49) Treat the people you meet today as if they will be gone tomorrow.

50) Make sure you die with more memories than dreams.


Weird Entrepreneurs Podcast – Melissa Knecht Edition

Weird Entrepreneurs Podcast - Melissa Knecht Edition

Many thanks to my friends Justin and D Verrengia for their awesome Podcast show – Weird Entrepreneurs.  This was Justin’s most recent post featuring yours truly.  🙂

Melissa Barnes Knecht is a mom of 3 and has been an entrepreneur since the age of 15. She met her husband Kevin Knecht through the industry, he was actually a prospect of hers. LOL! 😛

Hear the full behind the scenes story of how Melissa bounced back from bankruptcy in 2011 to going on to earn over $650,000 in her primary business.


Looking forward to reading your comments  🙂 

The Top 10 things about time and space that most people seem to forget

Top 10 things about time and space that most people seem to forget

I’ve had a subscription to “Notes from the Universe” for several years now.  Not all of them resonate with me, but this one from 2012 did.  The Notes from the Universe are written by Mike Dooley who also in The Secret.  You can subscribe to them at http://Tut.com

The Top 10 things about time and space that most people seem to forget…

10. You chose to be here and you knew what you were doing.
9. There are no “tests” and you’re not being judged.
8. Everyone’s doing their best, with what they know.
7. You already have whatever you’re looking for.
6. You are of the Divine, pure God, and so is everyone else.
5. Religion needs spirituality; spirituality does not need religion.
4. You’re naturally inclined to succeed – at everything you do.
3. You happen to life, life does not happen to you.
2. Order, healing, and love belie every moment of chaos, pain, and fear.
1. Following your heart is the best way to help others.

The truth shall set you free,
The Universe

Here’s a few other great ones:

The Top 10 Ways People Give Away Thier Power





Our Blog Analytics Will Blow You Away!

blog analytics will blow you away

I’ve been measuring analytics here on our Blog at KevinAndMelissa.com for less than 6 weeks. (click on the graphic for larger view)

KevinAndMelissa.com google analytics

These stats run from January 14th thru February 22nd.  Over 3600 page views of FREE traffic and leads!

Over the past week, we’ve averaged over 100 page views a day! Organic leads closing in on 100 (we had 5 in a half hour last night) and several sales.

And. We’re. Just. Getting. Started!  As we get close to the 90 day mark, our traffic will explode even more due to indexing in google.

We’re already seeing many of our pages in First Page organic listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Here we are at Number 2 out of 63,200 results in just a few weeks!

our blog analytics will blow you away

No matter what you’re marketing, whether it be an online business or a brick and mortar, if you’re serious and want results, you’ll use this blog platform.  It makes all the difference.

You can customize any of our multiple, amazing themes to whatever you like.  You can even blog about an unrelated passion topic while utilizing the side, middle and footer banners to do your advertising for you.  It’s all up to you.

We use the platform Kalatu.  Kalatu is an aboriginal word that means “story-telling”.  It’s so appropriately named.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, blogging is powerful!  GetKalatuNow.com

This graphic about blogging was written about a year ago.  Imagine how much those stats have increased since then! (click on the graphic for larger view)

10 facts blogging

To get your own Kalatu Viral Blogging Platform to market whatever you’re looking to promote, go to GetKalatuNow.com.  For $25, (cannot even believe all you get for that) you can be up and running in no time.  There is a full training suite included, but we found everything simple to set up and utilize.  

Gratitude and Memories from St. Pete Beach

Gratitude and Memories from St Pete Beach

My husband is such a great writer.  I found this post on Facebook from November of 2012.  It was such a great retrospective to take stock of knowing we were not even a year out from our bankruptcy. We were in such a state of Gratitude.

Gratitude  and Memories - St. Pete Beach

What an incredible trip to St Pete Beach Melissa and I had the last 4 days … We :

–generated over $2,500 of income ***WITHOUT*** being tied to the phone or computer

–had a pre-Anniversary “get away” that was LONG overdue (and I even surprised Melissa a couple of times!)

Melissa Facebook St Pete Beach

–got our “from bankruptcy to ‘bank’ story recorded on audio and video for soon-to-be released training

–realized it’s been an incredible year of re-birth for the both of us in the “home business industry” as well as personally

–got to finally have a suite “by the beach” (on my checklist for SO long!!) so we could wake up to that mesmerizing ocean sound!

I hope this doesn’t come across as bragging. Because the truth is … just a few months ago … I couldn’t do ANY of the above.

An AMAZING thing happens when you …

1) VISUALIZE before you “materialize”
2) Create ACTION STEPS to attain the outcome
3) And then surround yourself with a MASTERMIND of other leaders who will:
a) Support your decision
b) Show you how to get there (because they already have)

We’ve by no means “Arrived” in life. But, we’re certainly on the path!!

Just last night on the ride home, Melissa and I were in awe of one year ago not being able to visualize how far we’ve come in one year.

It’s VERY exciting to ponder … OK? How about one year from ***NOW*** ???  🙂 🙂 🙂

If these are not “normal” thoughts in your “day-to-day” existence … it’s time to make it your “norm” …

IF you want to play BIGGER in 2013 …

And start THRIVING … rather than “surviving.”

Then surround yourself with people who WILL support your greatness –>http://www.WorkWithTopEarners.com

So as I get “started” with my day today, I’m especially grateful for my family: Josh, Olivia, Tanner and Melissa.

My health. My great friends and mentors.

My beautiful and happy home life.

These are ALL things I’ve had to work on and visualize in order to create in my life.

And, yes, I’ll take credit.  🙂 

Just like I had to “take credit” for past financial screw-ups, saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, and the thousands of “learning experiences” I’ve had along the way when I might have said/did the “wrong” thing.

It’s a beautiful life when you can wake up and create the outcome you desire.

And the truth is … right now … you already are!! 🙂 

I hope this message inspires at least ONE more person to wake-up and tap into his/her internal greatness.

The world serves the Ideal YOU!!!!

You Get to Listen In Right Here

soundcloud kevinandmelissa.com

“How To Become ‘Presidential’ In All Areas Of Your Life!”

What if you could truly build your life by DESIGN instead of settling for what’s happened by DEFAULT?

We will be sharing how we finally left our “struggles” behind and, instead, started focusing on all of the “little” things we wanted in all areas of our lives.

And how to do so even if your current “world” includes the (possible) drama of: kids, parents, ex-spouses, naysayers, bill collectors, repo guys, bosses, co-workers, etc.

Bring a pen and paper to this podcast.

We’ll have SPECIFIC strategies for you to write down …

So you can IMMEDIATELY implement these incredible strategies.

Our goal for you … eliminate all the EXCUSES keeping you from playing BIG and playing to your POTENTIAL!

Click the red arrow to listen below: 

Please feel free to pass this message along to your friends, your loved ones, and anyone who you feel will benefit from this incredible information!

And, of course, we welcome your comments below.

3 Weeks With Les Brown

We had met Les Brown before for a workshop at our spiritual center, Unity of Phoenix, but what was really exciting was having him as a our minister for 3 weeks!

Les had always had a dream to be a minister and the lead minister at Unity of Phoenix, Rev. Richard Mraj had always had a dream to meet Les Brown.  So when they met and got to spend some time together, it worked out perfectly that while Rev. Mraj was going to be away, Les cleared his schedule to stand in.  We were in for an amazing 3 weeks!

What was really fun was when our little guy, Tanner, then 10, got to meet Les after the first service.  Tanner had heard us talk extensively about Les over the years and had seen many of his videos.  So he was so excited to meet him not only to tell him the Les Brown quotes he knew but to also tell him his own quote, “If it’s impossible, make it possible!”  Les loved it!

3 Weeks With Les Brown

It was just really great to have an extensive amount of time with Les.  He took a genuine interest in what who we were and what we did.  It was also great to hear much more in depth stories and teaching because he had the time with us.

Here’s one of my favorite videos from Les:

Here are some of my favorite Les Brown Quotes:

Les Brown Shoot for the moon

Les Brown opinion

Les Brown Dreams

Les Brown Happy

Les Brown Responsibility

Les Brown Goals2

Les Brown Get Up

Les Brown Losers

Hanging Out With Bob Proctor From the Secret

/Users/melissaknecht/Desktop/pics/Hanging Out With Bob Proctor From the Secret.png

Our first meeting with Bob Proctor was in Hawaii, several years before The Secret.  He wrote the first iteration of the course for a personal development company we worked with.  Then, he was the featured speaker at our event in Hawaii.

I was fairly new to the world of Law Of Attraction and Personal Development and hearing Bob in person was a revelation!  We got to spend a little time with him, but I was so sad we never got a picture with him.

Our opportunity came a few years later when we went to visit some friends from the U.K. who were staying at a resort in Scottsdale where we lived at the time.  We were sitting in the lobby chatting and who walks by but Bob Proctor!

So we got to spend some time with him and finally get our picture! He is a great guy.  He’s made a life of being a teacher of powerful truths.  I love that example.

Here are some of my favorite Bob Proctor quotes:

Bob Proctor KevinAndMelissa.com

Law Of Attraction Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor Fear And Faith KevinAndMelissa.com

Meeting Jack Canfield from The Secret

Jack Canfield Melissa Knecht Kevin Knecht

My first exposure to Jack Canfield was in reading the Chicken Soup for the Souls books.  It was in seeing him in The Secret that I really started to read more of his other works.

Kevin and I got to meet him when he did a workshop at Unity of Phoenix.  His workshop was really compelling and we were so happy to find that he was kind and welcoming in person.  It’s always nice when you meet someone who has quite a bit of celebrity and find them to be down to earth and humble.


Here are some of my favorite Jack Canfield Quotes:

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

 “People who ask confidently get more than those who are hesitant and uncertain. When you’ve figured out what you want to ask for, do it with certainty, boldness and confidence.”

Meeting Jack Canfield

“Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.”

“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”

“As you take a few minutes each day to quiet your mind, you will discover a nice benefit: your everyday, “ordinary” life will begin to seem far more extraordinary. Little things that previously went unnoticed will begin to please you. You’ll be more easily satisfied, and happier all around. Rather than focusing on what’s wrong with your life, you’ll find yourself thinking about and more fully enjoying what’s right with your life. The world won’t change, but your perception of it will. You’ll start to notice the little acts of kindness and caring from other people rather than the negativity and anger.”

Jack Canfield Uplifting People

“Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it and believe it’s possible for you. And then close your eyes and every day for several minutes, and visualize having what you already want, feeling the feelings of already having it. Come out of that and focus on what you’re grateful for already, and really enjoy it. Then go into your day and release it to the Universe and trust that the Universe will figure out how to manifest it. ”

Jack Canfield Control

“When you think you can’t, revisit a previous triumph.”

“If you are going to be successful, you need to give up the phrase, “I can’t” and all of its cousins, such as “I wish I were able to.”

Meeting Jack Canfield from The Secret

Steps You Can Take for Attracting Prosperity And Abundance In Your Life


We can say we want success, but any time we are agreeing with conditions that are difficult, any time we talk about how life is unfair, or give any type of energy that is of a lower nature or out of harmony with the thing we say we want, we actually are creating resistance with the very thing we want.

How do we open up? By being in agreement with all that is prosperous and using every means at our command to make it easy for prosperity, abundance, and the free flow of life to be in our experience. – Mary Manin Morrissey

/kevinknecht/images/41177/prosperity and abundance.

If you’re saying you want success and then complaining on Facebook or in any other venue, you’re pushing success away.  Energy flows where focus goes.  So it’s important to focus on what you want and not what you don’t.

Or if you want to be in a relationship, but then are focusing and talking about how lonely you are and how you can’t find anyone… that is not conducive to meeting the love of your life. But sometimes it’s tough to stop thinking negatively… especially if you’ve done if for a long time and it has become second nature.

There’s a great passage from Abraham:  For every pleasing thing, there is an unpleasing counterpart, for within every particle of the Universe is that which is wanted as well as the lack of that which is wanted. When you focus upon an unwanted aspect of something in an effort to push it away from you, it only comes closer, because you get what you give your attention to whether it is something that you want or not. It is up to you to focus upon and attract what is wanted.


Sometimes it feels like you cannot stop thinking about the negative counterpart to what you’re wishing to manifest.  It doesn’t mean that when you catch yourself thinking this way you should try to force feed yourself positive thoughts about that goal.  It’s enough to just think positively about anything.  Then you can naturally and more easily transition to thinking positive thoughts about that which you want to attract.

Like anything, this all gets better with practice.  You learn to apply it to every situation naturally.  Some are obviously easier than others, but it really is worth learning to retrain your mind to actively choose the thoughts you want vs. thinking by old default patterns.

You deserve everything amazing in this life…  Happy Manifesting!