What Are You Saying When You’re Talking To Yourself?

Saw this excerpt in an article from Debbie Ford:

When you’re kind, generous, and respectful toward yourself, you feel worthy and deserving of claiming the gifts of this world.

So it prompted me to think about all the people who are struggling out there in whatever way.  It all comes down to one thing – self worth.  When you feel that you deserve the best (and you do) your thoughts, actions and thus manifestations will all be in alignment.  

It is only then that you will attract the things you want.  Until then, your thoughts of being undeserving (even at a very subconscious level) will continue to bring you your current existence – or worse.  This, my friend, is the work.  

You came here to live an abundant life.  Everything that is available to one is available to all.  WE are the only ones who can block our success.  We get in our own way.  

The great news about that is it’s also in your power to get out of your way and manifest every good thing you want to attract.  The work is in reading, watching videos, journaling, coaching – whatever it takes to internalize the message that “YOU ARE WORTHY.”  “YOU ARE ENOUGH.”  

Sending much love, my friends.  Be easy on yourself.