Why You Should Believe In Yourself

When we believe in ourselves, there is almost no limit to what we can accomplish in our personal lives and in our outer-world affairs. Without the debilitating specter of doubt hanging over our heads, we are free to concentrate the entirety of our mental and emotional attention on our goals. The self-trust we have cultivated over time grants us the combination of valor and audacity we need to stand face-to-face against challenges that might otherwise have frightened us into submission. If our confidence should falter, we can look back on the many instances where we have overcome great adversity and drawn strength from the knowledge that we are capable of amazing feats of courage and prowess. Your confidence in your abilities will bolster your spirits when you are called upon to extend yourself beyond your usual limits. – Daily Om


So how many times in our lives do we block the great things we could accomplish by getting in our own way?  I have done this many times in my own life.  Sometimes we get so bogged down in the day to day or in the issues facing us that we forget all the amazing things we’ve accomplished.  We are so hard on ourselves – more so than we would ever be on anyone else. “I should be doing more.” “I should have accomplished more by now.”  We “Should” all over ourselves!

This does nothing to actually attract better results.  When we’re hard on ourselves, it’s a lower vibration than is conducive to attracting the good things we want.  Start to “catch yourself” in these moments.  Then, take a few minutes to think of the things you have accomplished.  The things you have achieved.  Then, ask yourself what is one positive step you can take in the direction of your goals.  It will come to you much easier when you’ve taken a few moments to feel better about yourself.

You came to this life with the right to live an abundant life.  It is your birthright.  You deserve it and it’s your time to claim it.  In case no one told you today, You Rock!  


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