Downton Abbey with George Clooney?

Oh my goodness!  For anyone who loves Downton Abbey, this is hilarious.  Fun to see Jeremy Piven in here as Harry Selfridge, from the BBC show Mr Selfridge, as well.  It was great of George Clooney to do this for charity.  Click Here or the image below to see the special.


For me, I have a lot of heritage in England dating back to this time period and before, so it’s fun to imagine what some of my ancestors were like.


The writing on Downton Abbey is so great.  In watching season 5 (or series 5 as the Brits call it), the only storyline I didn’t like was the one of Bates and Anna with Anna going to jail.  Please, no more jail for these two Julian Fellowes!  Time for Bates and Anna to be happy and have babies.

My favorite part was in the Christmas special when ::::::spoiler alert::::::: Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes got engaged.  “Of course I’ll marry you, you old Booby!” “I thought you’d never ask!”  So, so sweet.

If you’ve never watched Downton Abbey, you can binge watch at  It’s a fabulous show.  Word to the wise – be sure you have time for several episodes in a row as you won’t want to stop at one!


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