Healthy Weight Loss That Finally Worked

Do you have that one pair of  “Goal” Jeans?  You know – the ones that sit in your closet or back of a drawer silently mocking you and all your proclamations that “This Time” you were going to lose the weight and get back into them?

I did and I’m so excited to happily fit into them without worrying the button is going to fly off and pop someone in the eye!  

Healthy Weight Loss that works
More importantly, I’ve found the answer as to why all my previous attempts at weight loss left me frustrated and down on myself… gaining any weight back and then some that I might’ve grudgingly gotten off.  (What’s up with eating less and still gaining?)

Health has become a passion for me.  It’s something many of us take for granted until it’s in question.  I’ve struggled for so many years with health issues.  As I’ve started to figure them out with the help of integrative medicine, these products have become a big piece of the puzzle.  More than just another weight loss product – a way to clear the toxins from your cells so your body readily releases fat.  

Once you “get into agreement” with your body, it can stop being an enemy and it’s amazing the results you can have.  I shed 9 pounds in my first 10 days and 5 more so far in the few weeks after.  For someone who can’t always exercise because of back issues, that’s pretty huge.  Especially when for the 10 months prior I had been carefully documenting every calorie in the My Fitness Pal app and eating only between 1400-1500 calories with absolutely no results.  Even when exercising and eating gluten-free and organic.

Healthy Weight Loss
Breakthrough science using all organic and natural ingredients is the key.  And I’m so grateful to have found it. If you’re ready for Your breakthrough transformation, get all the info and order here:
Click For Breakthrough! 

Feel free to contact me with any questions and I’d be glad to talk via chat, phone or video call – whichever you prefer.  My facebook link is:

*There are several other products I use from the line to boost my immune system and revitalize my cells through anti-aging aminos.  If you would like information on these products, just let me know. 🙂

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8 Replies to “Healthy Weight Loss That Finally Worked”

  1. Love the results you are getting Melissa! And you have inspired me to these products a try and am so glad that I did. I’m inspired to write a blog post as well because the more people we can help the more we contribute towards all of us living a healthy and wealthy lifestyle! thanks for sharing and congrats!!

    1. Thank you, @@nancy_loehr:disqus! The health benefits outweigh (no pun intended!) the weight loss – but the weight loss is oh so nice!

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