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Funding For Your Business

Funding For Your Business

One of the biggest secrets successful entrepreneurs know is using funding to get their businesses started.
Many people think they can’t start a business because they don’t have the money. That’s the EXACT reason they should be starting a business!
In this video, you’ll find solutions and ideas to get your business up and running.

Connections Academy Box of Learning for Virtual School

Connections Academy Box of Learning for Virtual School

*Fun Videos Inside* Each year (until high school when everything is online), Tanner got a box of learning delivered to our front door from Connections Academy, a virtual school available in most states. All the books, art supplies and resources needed to work concurrently with his online lessons.


This New Bill Could *Ban* GMO Labeling (Unbelievable!)

The ‘Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015’ (H.R. 1599) is, perhaps, the most misleading name yet for a bill.If passed, this bill will be a major victory for the food and chemical industries (yes, I did say “chemical!”) such as Land O’Lakes, Cargill, Hormel, and General Mills.Instead of allowing consumers to know what

Your Success Is Closer Than You Think

What we’ve personally found is that a good 85-90% of people who first contact us think they’re so so far away from having success (as if it’s in a galaxy far far away!)

When the truth is … they’re CLOSER THAN THEY THINK!

What are your thoughts right now as you’re reading this post?


How Anthony Robbins Transformed My Life

Today is Day #3 of the 21-Day Blogging Challenge. Thanks for coming back to read my blog again.

If you missed Day #1 or Day #2, be sure to go back to Day #1 and/or Day #2. And please leave a comment below each time! 🙂

So … Day #3 is all about the question …

“Who/what has positively impacted your life?”

It’s a very open-ended question.

I do remember a specific tipping point for me…


Think And Grow Rich With These Facebook Hacks

So here we are on Day #2 of the “21-Day Blogging Challenge.” Today’s topic: Creating a “hack” to help a “newbie” acquire a skill quickly!

My favorite “hack” is teaching a person how to effectively use his/her Facebook account.

More importantly, how to set up his/her account with a VERY big picture in mind.

You see … I believe Facebook is the “” of the 21st Century.

It’s how people today will “look you up” and generations from now it’ll be how people remember you.

virtual school vs public school

Virtual School vs. Public School – Rant

WARNING: Public school teachers, principals, etc. may be offended by this post. This is a rant with a much bigger picture, so strap yourself in …
I took Tanner last week to his “end of course” exam for Algebra over at the local high school. (175 days of the year, he does his school from home).

Virtual School Freedom

Virtual School Freedom

The coolest thing about our “work from home” career is having our 14-year-old Tanner waking up each day with both Mom and Dad at home.
I heard a friend say years ago that his “why” was to be the Dad who “was the primary influence in his kid’s upbringing.”