Think And Grow Rich With These Facebook Hacks

So here we are on Day #2 of the “21-Day Blogging Challenge.”

Today’s topic: Creating a “hack” to help a “newbie” acquire a skill quickly!

My favorite “hack” is teaching a person how to effectively use his/her Facebook account.

More importantly, how to set up his/her account with a VERY big picture in mind.

You see … I believe Facebook is the “” of the 21st Century.

It’s how people today will “look you up” and generations from now it’ll be how people remember you.

The great news is *YOU* get to write your story.

Your BLOG is also a fabulous way to tell your story.

In fact, as a recovering Facebook addict, it’s painful to admit this, but it may be even better to master blogging because it’ll be 100% your content.

Technically, when you’re on Facebook you’re on their platform and subject to their rules.

Anyway … I digress.

Let’s get back to the “hacks” …

  1. “Fortifying Your Facebook” Training

    The hack is real simple.

    Grab a pen and paper (I recommend a spiral notebook), and click here to receive the video training.

    hack image

  2. BONUS: “The Six Steps That Turn Desire Into Gold”

    You always have to have a plan when moving forward in life. The quickest way from Point “A” to Point “B” is a chapter from Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich.”

    It’s called, “The Six Steps That Turn Desire Into Gold.”

    I’ve included a link to where you can download a free *.pdf document right now so you can read the entire book right on your smart phone.

    Which includes the “Six Steps That Turn Desire Into Gold.”  (Chapter 2: Desire — The Starting Point of All Achievement)

    If you read the chapter the in the book, and follow the instructions PRECISELY, then, yes, you will get the results you desire!

    hack image

    This is great start …

    1) Becoming proficient on Facebook …

    2) And learning how to set a short-term goal (Six Steps That Turn Desire To Gold).

    There is a very important third step …

    3) Find a group of like-minded individuals who will:
    –Support your “crazy” decision to have massive success!
    –And give you a step-by-step roadmap
    –With a Digital Franchise-Style System!

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4 Responses

  1. Steph Marks says:

    Kevin, awesome as usual. Thanks for sharing. Glad you’ve jumped on the blogging bandwagon.

  2. Kappa Kaoma says:

    Great post! thank you so much for sharing, and giving lots of value. Your videos, blogs, messages at events, just amazing.

    Thank you Kevin

    Great blog!