About Us

Everyone has a story to tell. In these pictures we just got done telling ours on stage at an event in New Orleans.

For 21 years, Kevin & Melissa have been teaching their clients how to start their own businesses, take them online and create systems that generate more sales.  
They’ve been Top 1% earners in several network marketing companies over their career, often being asked to speak at company events to share their story about their massive success of working from home while raising 3 kids. They’ve trained and inspired thousands of entrepreneurs helping them to create success in their own lives. Helping others to touch success has become a passion for Kevin & Melissa.
Having been entrepreneurs separately for many years, Kevin “met” Melissa online in 1997 when inquiring about her business. See that? Even then, they were both great online marketers and copywriters! 
Prior to that, Kevin spent 3 years in radio advertising sales, cold calling local businesses in Harrisburg, PA for his favorite rock radio station. It was during that time he learned how to listen to business owners’ problems and create unique marketing strategies to help solve them.
Melissa’s background was in banking and publishing where she was well-received by her customers, but very underpaid. During that time, she started her first home business “on the side” and quickly built it into a full-time profession.  
Together, Kevin & Melissa have built a brand that’s inspired many moms and dads to create their own freedom via the network marketing profession.  
They’ve also served as elite business coaches helping traditional business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers to utilize all the powerful sales and marketing techniques they’ve learned along the way.
Along the way, Melissa has also become an expert marketer in website development and social media, employing the psychology of selling online and bringing her business acumen into a collaborative relationship with her clients.
Kevin recently created The Network Marketing Success Academy, a curriculum designed to systemize and structure the home business profession.
Melissa and Kevin have three children and a rescue pup named Sashi.

Kevin And Melissa Family

Sunset on Siesta Key Beach