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Are Homeschooled and Virtual Schooled Kids More Socialized?

I submit that there is a great deal of education that my kids received and Tanner continues to receive, by not having to spend so much time away from normal life. Aside from all the experiences outside the house, there are opportunities for us to connect as a family that we wouldn’t have otherwise. The article below is a somewhat playful scene but does indeed make you think.

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What About the Socialization?

Socialization, like learning and life, takes place every day. How you interact with your kids – and how they watch you interact with the outside world – teaches them all the social skills they’ll need to know. Stop worrying about socialization. It’s a “problem” that never existed!

virtual school homeschooling issues are a myth

Socialization Issues For Homeschool and Virtual School are a Myth

Our kids get to attend events for our business with us and the travel has done them a world of good. Honestly, they are some of the most socialized kids I know. There are a lot of things I’m very happy they did not have to be subjected to in a regular school setting. We are so happy with our decision. It has allowed us to be the primary influence in their lives.