Celebrating YOUR Anniversary All Year Long!

Today is our 16th/18th Anniversary!  🙂


Melissa and I met 18 years ago on this day, and were married exactly 2 years later in Cancun, Mexico on 12/8/1999.

The coolest thing about meeting Melissa (besides her incredible smile and ability to always make me laugh!) was knowing she was already working from home full-time.

No job, no commute, and not time away from Josh and Olivia (who were 8 and 4 at that time!)

I started to realize that by marrying her … the “honeymoon” could keep going on …

We could be a “full-time family!”

Which is actually the topic for today’s video:

“Celebrating Your Anniversary All Year Long”


Like I said in the video above, take a moment right now and think about your IDEAL lifestyle … 

What if you could:

END your commute (especially in the winter on those “sloppy” rainy and snowy days!)
LIVE where you love
— And actually SLEEP until your eyes opened in the morning (no more alarm clocks!)

The “Honeymoon” can keep right on going …

When you find a group of people who can show you how to live this lifestyle.  

Which, by the way, we’ve now done together for 18 years.  

Yes, we can show you how to take these EXACT steps and move from “survive” to THRIVE!!

Thanks again for “tuning” in today.  

If you wouldn’t mind, please leave a comment below and be sure to “SHARE” with your friends.  

A lot more content is on the way to assist YOU in becoming FREE!


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