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How to Heal Your Money Karma

When we gain awareness of our ancestral money patterns, we have the ability to create spaciousness around our unproductive money habits and beliefs. Spaciousness helps us loosen our grip on old patterns so that they can begin to unravel and we can develop new money habits and beliefs that serve us

you complete me - is that your job

You complete me – is that your job?

Who will complete me?
This is closely related the the question Why aren’t you completing me?, which, in its various iterations, has destroyed more relationships than restless legs syndrome and herpes combined. Memorable movie dialogue notwithstanding, wholeness is possible for every individual, and only whole individuals create truly healthy relationships. If you’re searching for the One to complete you or raging at the One who isn’t doing so, you’re looking at the wrong One. Try the nearest reflective surface instead.

Rumi Univere Go within

Go Within Or Live Without

If you’re sitting in front of your computer (or holding your phone in front of you) frustrated, pissed, depressed, etc. …
You WILL stay in that “place” …
And “push away” all of the greatness that’s waiting to enter your “space.”

3 Weeks With Les Brown

What was really fun was when our little guy, Tanner, then 10, got to meet Les after the first service. Tanner had heard us talk extensively about Les over the years and had seen many of his videos. So he was so excited to meet him not only to tell him the Les Brown quotes he knew but to also tell him his own quote, “If it’s impossible, make it possible!” Les loved it!