Do Or Do Not — There Is No Try!

When you make a decision to go for the goal, there’s only one way to go.


So how long will it take? Well, as long as it takes.

So you have to be ready to do “whatever” it takes!!

In today’s fast-paced world of “instant gratification” many people fall flat on their faces because they’re not 100% committed to their goal.

In most cases, it requires time, commitment, a daily relentless pursuit.

In fact, the HARDEST part of the journey in most cases …

Is taking the FIRST step!

The commitment to DO (and “not” DO NOT!)

Like the great philosopher Yoda once said,


I’m telling you this from my own personal experience.

You see …

3 years and 3 months ago, I was told to commit to
“8 Core Commitments.”

Without exception.

The long and the short of it, I did.  Most days!

But, I did “substitute” in the recipe.

Some may say the recipe didn’t come out with the optimal results so far.

(Editor’s Note: We’ve still done all right.  We were bankrupt in Dec 2011.  We started our new online business in March 2012.  Had our first 5-figure month within 90 days.  Generated $250,000+ in our first year and are now getting closer to $1M 3+ years later. )

So … back to following directions.

Here’s my commitment to you:

I’ll be your best example of following through over the
next 90 days.

If you’ll commit to being the best student!

Here it is …

1) Follow the 8 Core Commitments.
2) Learn the skills along the way …
3) You’ll make mistakes (just like me)
4) Which will help you to master these skills faster.

Just like when you first got on that bicycle as a kid.

And made the first “mistake.”

bike knee fall

I look down at my right knee and can still see the scar from when I “crashed and burned.”

It’s a reminder of one of the first “scariest moments” of my life that I quickly overcame.

In the moment, it was traumatic.

(Could I even get back on the bike and ride again?)

Of course, I did.  A few hours later, I never looked back.

So let’s take this life lesson and apply it to anything NEW …

When you start to think about it …

That’s how ALL moments in life are.

What appears IMPOSSIBLE at this moment …

May look ridiculously simple 6 months, 6 years or 6 decades from now.

So here we go …

1) Take Massive Action … right now!
2) DO (or do not!) There is no “try!”
3) Enjoy the process each day!

Whether you know it or not, you have the ability right now to change the trajectory of your family’s legacy for the better.

It all depends on what you’ll do …

Starting …


Please leave your comments below and let me know what you’ve decided.


  1. Do or Do Not. There Is No Try!

    As you’re watching this video, I want you to think about a decision or action you’ve been hesitating on, and then make a commitment (right now!) to DO it!!!
  2. When You Figure Out What You Want To Do With Your Life …

    One of my favorite scenes from any movie ever made, which fortunately for me, I saw at a young age (age 20). It gave me the confidence in that moment to:

    1) Start searching for what I wanted to do for the rest of my life …

    2) And once I found that “thing” …

    3) To start IMMEDIATELY!!!

    It’s EXACTLY what Napoleon Hill taught in his classic, “Think And Grow Rich” book. (Specifically from “Six Steps That Turn Desire Into Gold!”)

3 years ago, like I mentioned earlier, my life was a mess. I was in the middle of a personal bankruptcy, my marriage was in jeopardy, and I was considering “settling” for an unhappy existence “on the job.”

Fortunately, I remembered the advice I just wrote about above …

And started searching for a community of powerful entrepreneurs who could show me EXACTLY how to go from ZERO to $10,000+/mth within 90 days …

And to do it online …

So my family could choose to live where it loves.

And, most importantly, my wife Melissa and I could continue to be the primary influence in our kids’ upbringings.

Thank you for reading this far!

Please bookmark our blog and come back again real soon!

(And, if you’ve enjoyed the content so far, please subscribe for our personal updates).

P.S. Everything here on our personal blog is personally written by us. Beware of some “gurus” online who pay others to deliver their content.

P.P.S. “Keep Moving Forward.” – Walt Disney!

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22 Responses

  1. Julian Abrego says:

    “Keep Moving Forward!”
    I live by those words.

    • Kevin Knecht says:

      Yes, you do, Julian!! It’s the same advice I know you use when attending a Metallica concert. 🙂

  2. Dan Giercke says:

    Great first post Kevin! I recognized the font right away as coming from one of my favorite sources of inspiration. The man who said “If you can dream it, you can do it…” and a whole host of other great words of inspiration.

    I look forward to reading your future posts.

    Best of Success,

    • Kevin Knecht says:

      Thank you, Dan! Yes, that “font” is my favorite. So many great Disney memories growing up! 🙂

  3. Kevin you are well on your way. You did a great job and I love your blog post. For your first one you have a lot of value and a great way for people to get to know you…

  4. Mey Duldulao says:

    Thanks for the great post Kevin, it’s all about doing in the end! Thanks for being such an inspiration, I enjoyed your inner circle audios as well!

  5. Paul Daley says:

    WOW, congrats Kevin ….. Blog looks fantastic !!!! well done sir …

  6. Kevin, you were speaking directly to me in this post. I commit with you that I will do, and not try, consistent blogging.

    • Kevin Knecht says:

      Way to go, Cassandra! And thank you for the kind words! Let’s compare notes in Las Vegas on our progress?

  7. Ana Mariaa says:

    Great blog Kevin, I can see you wrote from your heart!

  8. Thanks Kevin! What a great post. Taking action is what brings success and there is always some more action to take. I’ll be looking for more from you!

    • Kevin Knecht says:

      I will have more for you within 12 hours, Phillip! Thank you for the kind words!

  9. Heather Teles says:

    Great first post! I will be returning for more golden nuggets!

  10. helenlingard says:

    Great first blog Kevin… Love that ‘do or do not there is no try’ 🙂

    • Kevin Knecht says:

      I’ve backed myself into a corner, Helen! Now I have to follow through, right? 🙂

  11. Kati Stage says:

    Great first post Kevin!!! <3 Super excited to see what the 21 Day Challenge is going to bring. Btw, is it only in sequential that the second video has Carrie Fisher in it? lol (you're talking to a Star War geek)

    • Kevin Knecht says:

      I’m much more of a IV, V, and VI fan, Kati, since they were on cable TV at least 100 times each when I was a teenager. 🙂 May the Force be with you! Ha ha!