Connections Academy Box of Learning for Virtual School

Each year (until high school when everything is online), Tanner got a box of learning delivered to our front door from Connections Academy, a virtual school available in most states.  All the books, art supplies and resources needed to work concurrently with his online lessons.

It was such a fun exploration of possibilities for the coming year.  

Combined with the teachers, live lessons, field trips and support from the school, we’ve had such a great experience with virtual school.

Here’s a video from 7th grade – August 2012

Here’s a video from 8th grade – August 2013

Years ago, we decided we wanted to be the primary influence in our kids’ upbringing.

That takes two steps …

1) Bring your kids home from public school (or start them in virtual school if young enough).  We recommend

2) Bring yourself home from the dreadful job

Then … start LIVING!!

Imagine the true freedom of your kids doing their school work from around the world while you travel as a family, and you’re generating $100 – $1,000+ a day from your laptop.

Tanner is now in 10th grade doing Florida Virtual School (FLVS) in partnership with Connections Academy.  As I write this, we’re sitting on our back patio.  Kevin and I working on some projects for our home business… Tanner working on a science lesson and our rescue puppy, Sashi asleep in her bed next to us.  

We got up when our eyes opened… ate a great breakfast and connected with each other before moving on to getting some work done in a relaxed manner.  Listening to the sound of cicadas and some distant birds as we peacefully live our dreams of being a true family from home and out of the box.  We are so blessed!

Melissa Knecht

Thank you for visiting our blog! I am a Mom, wife, entrepreneur, life & business coach, spiritual seeker and someone always looking to evolve. I've studied personal and spiritual development for over 25 years. It has been a worthy pursuit and has positively shaped my life. While always continuing to grow, I now seek to pay it forward to others on the path. I have 3 kids - Josh, Olivia and Tanner. Tanner, 2 of whom did graduated from virtual school. We are an out of the box family and we love it! Kevin and I have designed our lives around many trials and tribulations... but they have made it all the sweeter. If you would like to connect with me, reach out on Facebook: or through my contact page.

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2 Responses

  1. Natasha says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing and recommending Connections Academy. My son told me today how happy he is that he doesn’t have to get up so early for school. We are just getting started but the relaxed pace feels good.

    • Melissa Barnes Knecht says:

      Thanks Natasha! So glad to hear Connor is doing well with it and it’s paying dividends to the whole family! 🙂