It’s Selfish To Be Poor In The Information Age

I ran across this great “meme” the other day …
… and it really hit me like a ton of bricks.

It’s absolutely SELFISH to be POOR

when all I have to do is apply myself
online and find a legitimate way to
generate an income!

What an epiphany, huh?  🙂

Some may take great offense to this.

In fact, I did years ago because I heard
this at a network marketing event because
I was struggling.

I didn’t have any answers at age 24 other
than, “go get a higher paying job.”

(That was in 1994.  I didn’t even have an
America Online account yet!  LOL)

However, when I was introduced to the
wonderful world of network marketing,
my mind became wide open to the …


It was only recently I ran across this
concept and recalled I’d actually heard
it 20 years ago!  🙂

So let’s dive in …

If your “paycheck” is just paying for food
and shelter, there’s no room for economic

For being creative enough to innovate,
tithe, give back, pay it forward, etc.

Which makes you a modern day slave.


For years, I was learning to be “creative”
at how to live on less money (at times in
my 20’s and 30’s).

I actually learned that mindset from being
a “broke” college student. Like it was a
badge of “courage.”

More like stupidity, right?

In the land of “opportunity.”


The most SELFISH thing one can do is
choose to remain broke.

Read that again.

==> The most SELFISH thing one can
do is choose to remain broke.

That may come across as offensive to some.

Here’s the truth.

Getting YOUR bills, family, health,
money, etc. handled …

Allows to you commit more creative time
and effort toward solving OTHER’S problems …

And being of $ERVICE to society.

(You may want to let that sink in
for a few minutes!)

I got so far off track at times.

Especially in my 20’s when I was
“grinding” at low-paying jobs.

Fortunately, I found my way back. 

By plugging into mentors having
the RESULTS I wanted to have.

Who could “show me the way”
from Point A to Point B.

I say this often …

EVERY ONE here on social media
(you included!) can solve his/her personal
economic crises within 90 days if s/he’ll
just stop playing games and learn how to be
of $ervice and value via this incredible
platform of social media!

So … are you ready to give up economic
slavery and choose economic freedom


You’re already in the right place …

1) You have access to the internet!
2) You’re able to read this article
3) Add desire and hustle …

And you’re ready for success!!


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7 Responses

  1. Lynn Brown says:

    A few years ago I had that mentality of living paycheck to paycheck and fitting our life into that. Today I’m so glad to have met you and this community of amazing entrepreneurs that have opened my eyes and am excited about all the possibilities to be creative and live life on my terms. I’m glad you are sharing this Kevin because it brings more awareness to being broke and how people really do have choices. Thanks!

    • Kevin Knecht says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Lynn! And thank you for being an example of that former “paycheck” person who realized being “free” is a lot more “fun!” 🙂

  2. Lawrence Tam says:

    Go get a higher paying job…. hahah. been down there.

    it’s a cycle of work, UNLESS YOU LOVE IT….. is one i never want to go down again.

  3. Dave Brehaut says:

    Kevin, great article and so true. breaking free of the rut to move upward and serve others is not an easy path but is so worth the effort and freedom it provides for you and those you help.
    Thanks Brother. You are an inspiration when it is needed the most.
    Dave B

    • Kevin Knecht says:

      Thank you, Dave, for your accolades. I agree. It’s not easy. However, whenever I consider the “opposite” (going back to work for a job and a paycheck) … that seems VERY hard!

  4. rob says:

    Freedom to think and live free is the only way to gift others…I agree 100% – thanks Kevin

  5. Janet Green says:

    I so agree with you Kevin that being poor and choosing to stay poor is selfish. There is no good excuse for staying poor in this day and age of opportunity. You can only give to others as you have it to give and poor won’t make that happen.