The Middle Class Is Shrinking. But You Don’t Have To …

Have you “heard the news?”

Here in the United States, for as long as I can remember, the so-called “middle class” has been the “majority” of our population.

“Most” people weren’t “rich” or “poor” .  In 1971, 61% were “middle class”.

Middle Class Income

However, the trends have been moving people either “up” or “down” lately.

And today, for the first time, the “middle class” touched BELOW 50%!

In the land of OPPORTUNITY … that’s a GOOD thing, right?

That’s the topic of today’s VIDEO …

Melissa and I learned years ago there’d NEVER be an opportunity for us to:

— Live where we love
— Sleep ’til our eyes opened each morning
— Had quality time with the kids each day
— And each other  🙂

If we had settled for going off to work each day in two separate cars to two separate jobs, we probably would have kept sliding down the “middle class” category as the years went by.

In today’s world, jobs actually COST you lots and lots of money.

I actually discussed this on a previous blog post (it’s stunning!)

Thanks again for “tuning in” today!

Final question for you …

“Should the United States tax the rich and give more to the poor in order to ‘bring back’ the middle class?”

I’ll look forward to reading your comments below!

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11 Responses

  1. rob says:

    You Rock Kevin

  2. William Wood says:

    Interesting. The decline of the middle class started to happen around the same time that America went off the gold standard. I don’t know that the two things are necessarily related, but it seems like they might be. Super compelling statistics

  3. George Briere says:

    I liked the post Kev! Can you believe its all done by design?….thank you Globalists!

  4. Lawrence Tam says:

    when i think middle.. i think of my gut.. it’s round and is bigger than most of my body…

    But I believe that was a decision.. a BAD decision I’ve been working and it’s shrining

    the actions will dictate what you want… and the economy has been shifting due to “bad programming” of how people MUST get a job… and go to college that costs $300K+ for careers that no longer exist….

    Education is key and the rich get richer because they keep INVESTING in their education…

    check the statements of the middle class and see how much they read, attend workshops, and continue learning.. .it’s the actions they take that lead to their thin bank account.

    • Kevin Knecht says:

      So so true, Lawrence. Without reading and/or attending workshops … all part of the big picture of *continued learning* there’s very little chance of “rank advancing” in life. In fact, I believe in today’s economy one will fall closer to being poor.

      The great news … we all have access to learning. Especially anyone reading this post right now. 🙂

      You’re one of the best examples I know.

      I mean, really, who knew a mechanical engineer could learn to sell and powerfully communicate which shows up in his marriage, business and community? 🙂

  5. Mike Hobbs says:

    I’m not a big fan of punishing people that work smarter and make more money as an entrepreneur because everyone has that same opportunity now days… But i’m not a big fan of taxes period… haha

  6. Lynn Brown says:

    It is a mindset as you mention Kevin. I believe there is a lot of people that don’t want to do the work and for some reason would prefer a government or other groups to give them things even if their standard of living isn’t what they really want. We have choices, and conversations like what you shared here is a great way to bring light to the fact, we can choose to live life on our terms. Thanks for the value you shared today Kevin!

  7. Janet Green says:

    Great video Kevin. I think it all boils down to choices. I don’t think people should be punished either @mikehobbs:disqus because they made better choices. The information is available and that’s why people like us have a huge opportunity to get the message out to the masses.