Making Family Memories – Part 2 of 3

Last week, Melissa and I had the privilege of having extended
quality time with her sister’s side of the family.

Here’s a fun photo of all of us making a “dinosaur” face …

They live in Connecticut.  We live in Florida.

(Meeting at Disney World sure is convenient!)

There are three generations of Gibbs and Burkes …

And two generations of Knechts!!

Here’s a picture that turns out to be one of my favorites:

Melissa along with her (great) great nieces: Aubrey & Ella.

I’ve watched Melissa develop a wonderful relationship
with those girls (as well as with another “favorite” niece’s
girls!) …

Because she’s had the TIME to get to know them!

That wouldn’t happen if we weren’t privileged to have
a home business and be able to set our schedules.

One of Ella’s best memories is having her Aunt Melissa
there after school to pick her up recently …

(at 3PM in the afternoon, when most people are at work!)

Oh, by the way, if you choose to bring your family
to Disney for a few days in a row, be ready to log
some miles!

On our three days, I logged: 6.05 + 6.62 + 8.95 =

==> 21.67 miles!!!

(Whoops!  I did the math incorrect on the graphic).

But, getting back to the numbers …

Yes, on a 4-day visit, it can actually qualify you
and your family as a “marathon” family!

However, if you’re not being “present” with your
family before a trip like this …

It may actually FEEL like a marathon!!!

And THAT my friend, is the million dollar secret.

TIME freedom allows us to have QUALITY time
with our loved ones …

And more importantly …

How to truly ENJOY these kind of moments!

No family is perfect.

There were a couple of kid “meltdowns” …

And having 9 adults together can make
decision making a bit fascinating …

But, overall, it really was an incredible few days!

Thanks so much to: David, Melody, Don, Carol, 
Justin, Jamie, Corrin, Ella, Aubrey (and of course
to Melissa and Tanner!) for a really fun fun fun
3 days!!   🙂

On the next post, we’ll dive into a few Disney
ninja tips so you can get the most out of your

In the meantime, please leave your comments below,
especially if you’d like to share your #Ninja family 
travel tips and/or Disney experiences!

[ P.S. And, if you’d like to have the ability to travel
with your family on your terms rather than crowding
into the park when all the other families are on 
vacation, then be sure to click here for the exact system
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