Making Family Memories – Part 1 of 3

My wife Melissa and I made a decision 18 years ago
that we’d be full-time parents to our kids.

We’d be home with them on a daily basis.

Not an easy decision to make because we knew
we’d have to work for ourselves.

Back in early 1998, working “online” was a bit
of a novelty …

But today in 2016, there’s no shortage of ways
to create an online income.

Which brings me to our current situation …

Our  15-year-old son … Tanner!

He’s never known a day where Mom and Dad
have had to leave the house looking for work.

He’s actually a “virtual” school student
(meaning he, too, “works” from home).

We recently created a series of blog posts on
“Why Virtual School” which you can see here.

So … getting back to today!

I realized how blessed I am to really KNOW
Tanner (and my wife, Melissa, for that matter!)

We checked into Saratoga Springs Resort
here at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

(Here’s a video of our “sweet” suite!)

It’s only 112 miles door-to-door from our
home in Sarasota, FL.

(Another decision from having a virtual
business … living where you love!)

Oh … I got off track again!

Getting back to today …

I realized while walking around the
Magic Kingdom (and then the evening
in Disney Springs) …

Just how much fun the three of us had
by being together, telling jokes, inspiring
each other, and remembering all of the
great moments we’ve had long-term
together in our lives.

And … taking in a great sunset halfway
between the Magic Kingdom and Polynesian
Village Resort!  🙂

It’s EXACTLY what Melissa and I saw for
our family when we made the decision
18 years ago that’d be home with our kids
and be able to see them grow up.

It’s especially apparent here in Walt Disney
World, where we see so many families, and
also continue to see the inspiring messages
from Walt Disney himself …

That EVERY day is a GIFT!

May today be the day YOU, too, decide to
be the primary influence in the upbringing
of your kids/grandkids.

And/or …

To start pursing YOUR passions in life.

Our community of entrepreneurs can
assist you in identifying what that is
and show you a path of how to get from
Point “A” (no clue) to “B” (on the path
with an enthusiastic plan from your
ideal location!)

When you join our team, you’ll immediately
receive access to our Fast Start Training
which will set the stage for us to have a
powerful conversation about your goals.

In the meantime, we’d love for you to
share your thoughts on this topic in the
comments below.

Or, if you have a question, feel free to type
it below and I’ll be sure to come back and
personally answer it for you (after we
get back from another round of riding the
“People Mover!”  LOL)


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  1. William Wood says:

    I love your dedication to being a dad. Your passion really comes through. Love the post!