The Work Ethic of Will Smith

The way to the top is simple …


It’s easier than you think.  Most people are not willing to:
***stay up late at night
***get up before sunrise
***unplug the television
***read more books
***tell their friends NO to a night out
***etc. etc.

Will Smith has an INCREDIBLE video where he talks in great detail about what it takes to have “top shelf” success.

Pay special attention to (1:36) in the video …

He talks about “Talent” (natural ability) vs. “Skill” (working and working and working and working on your craft!)

You have to have RIDICULOUS, SICKENING work ethic.  While the other guy’s sleeping … you’re working!  While’s he’s eating, you’re working!


No matter how “talented” you are … if you don’t KEEP studying and dedicating yourself to being BETTER every single day you’ll eventually be overtaken by someone more skilled!

We work with many successful entrepreneurs like ourselves.  We’ve found that talent is optional.  Skills can be acquired, applied and mastered.

In “sickening” fashion.  From homeless to $200,000+ per month in less than 3 years. THAT is work ethic! (Results not typical – see disclaimer at

THAT is the mindset necessary to be successful … even before you make your first penny!

THAT is the mindset of the team we work with.  Even if you’re reading this message and have no “talent” but are ready to learn new “skills” of success, wouldn’t NOW be the best time to take action so you and your family can have the results you’ve been dreaming about?

See you on the other side…