Virtual School vs. Public School – Rant

WARNING: Public school teachers, principals, etc. may be offended by this post. This is a rant with a much bigger picture, so strap yourself in …

I took Tanner¬†last week¬†to his “end of course” exam for Algebra over at the local high school. (175 days of the year, he does his school from home).

The day before, they told him no water during the exam. (Is it really unreasonable to have a sip of water nearby while taking a 2-hour exam?)

Today, he finished early and started reading a book he brought with him.

Well … the teacher overseeing the exam told him,

“You can’t read your book because it may be distracting to the other students.”

The teacher told him to sit and wait for the other kids to finish. [Sigh!!]

And people wonder why we have the kid doing virtual school from home the other 175 days of the year …

There’s a bigger rant to be had with public school …

But here’s the short version …

If you want to build a leader, a free thinker, a child who taps into his creativity and potential …

virtual school vs public school

Then take him *OUT* of public school … now!

Where he’s no longer at the whim of a frustrated teacher, “unparented” kid, and/or a thousand other limiting beliefs that can instantly kill the creativity and enthusiasm of your very talented and gifted child.

Melissa wrote a whole series of blog posts on exactly how we’ve been able to adequately provide for Tanner in a way without having to dedicate 4-6 hours a day of our time to be his teachers.


He works with Connections Academy and has teachers for each of his 9th grade classes just as if he were in “regular” school. Some of the perks …

**He chooses his own school schedule
**We can travel wherever and whenever
**Because Tanner can “log in” from any location with internet access

Some of the other intangibles …

**Tanner can go slow over the lessons he enjoys, so he can “dive in” and do some more research. We have great conversations and discover his real interests.

**There are days when he just doesn’t feel up to school. (In a “regular” school, there’s such a premium places on having butts in chairs for 180 days come hell or high water).

When you really stop to think about the “institution” of public school, it’s all about preparing students for a boss. A job. A paycheck.

Tanner also sees Melissa and I enjoying the perks of a flexible schedule, so it’s tough for him to buy into a “have-to” 7AM-3PM schedule each day.

Heck, that’s more work for us, too.

No one in our house is awake until closer to 8AM! LOL

Anyway … this is a HUGE topic. I probably ought to lock myself in a oceanside hotel suite to write a book on this topic.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts?

I’m eager to hear from both sides below.

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2 Responses

  1. rhonda says:

    Fu..kinn Obsurd… If I could do it all over again, my kids would not have gone to public schools

    • Melissa Barnes Knecht says:

      So agree Rhonda. I wish I had known this info for my oldest and before Olivia was in 9th grade.