How Gratitude Can Impact Your Life

I’ve been through a lot in my life.  In fact, I’m going through a lot right now.  (More on that in blog posts to come.)  But the power of gratitude is a gift we can give ourselves at any moment.  Even in the midst of trials… especially in the midst of trials.

Since the making of this video over the summer, our son Josh has moved to Sarasota. One more thing to be grateful for!  I have so many.

One year ago today we left Atlanta to move to Sarasota.  I’m just beginning to unfurl the blessings of that move.  There have been so many already and I feel like many more are coming.

Sometimes it may seem hard to find things to be grateful for, especially if it hasn’t been a practice of yours.  But if you start small with basic things, you can get on a roll.
I am grateful for my breath.
I am grateful for my ability to read.
I am grateful for hearing birds singing.
I am grateful for __________.

And then – more and more things will come into your experience to be grateful for. The really cool thing?  The practice of gratitude makes you feel amazing while you’re waiting for them to show up – it’s a win/win!!  

Check out my video below to hear my thoughts on gratitude this past summer.

I would be remiss speaking on this subject in not mentioning my amazing friend Elizabeth Hartigan,  In fact I was inspired to write this blog on this day because today, January 9th is her birthday.  She is truly a gift that was given to the world the day she was born and one I am personally grateful for.  Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!


Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Melissa Knecht

Thank you for visiting our blog! I am a Mom, wife, entrepreneur, life & business coach, spiritual seeker and someone always looking to evolve. I've studied personal and spiritual development for over 25 years. It has been a worthy pursuit and has positively shaped my life. While always continuing to grow, I now seek to pay it forward to others on the path. I have 3 kids - Josh, Olivia and Tanner. Tanner, 2 of whom did graduated from virtual school. We are an out of the box family and we love it! Kevin and I have designed our lives around many trials and tribulations... but they have made it all the sweeter. If you would like to connect with me, reach out on Facebook: or through my contact page.

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7 Responses

  1. Doug Landers says:

    Great post and video Melissa! Those salmon burgers sound divine =D.

  2. Agnes Boukaram says:

    Well said Melissa. I think we all need some reminders time to time and telling the people around us how much we appreciate them.

  3. Ameli Antoinette says:

    Great reminder Melissa, loved your video…. specially when you said Risotto :P!

  4. Rich Meyers says:

    Live in your heart. Find a way to quiet the monkey mind….If you appreciate what you have…you will love your life.