Law of Attraction Found Us a House!

I recorded this video on 12/2/13 right after learning that the our lease went through for the house we really wanted.

The best thing about re-watching this video is that I can remember that joy and excitement and be back in it.  That’s why it’s a great idea to make a video when you’re in a moment like that.  You can go back to it again and again to raise your vibration to attract more of the same.

The Law of Attraction was a huge part of us finding this house.  

When we decided we wanted to move to Sarasota, we had several people all tell us they know a realtor.  But for some reason, I chose our friend Tom’s recommendation and made the call.

We looked at several houses with her, but we really wanted to be in a particular neighborhood and with the time of the year we wanted to move (January), there weren’t many houses available in that neighborhood as it’s gated and in high demand. Only 2 in fact.

The first one we walked in and walked right back out.  Not a match.  The second one would’ve been ok, but there were people still living there and they wouldn’t be out till February. We were feeling a bit let down as it didn’t seem like we were going to find what we were looking for.

We had really hit it off with this realtor though and she said “You know, I think my house would be perfect for you guys.” She offered us the 5 bedroom house she was currently living in. We looked at it and was indeed perfect for us.

She hadn’t checked our financials yet though and so it wasn’t set in stone.  This was only 2 years post bankruptcy, but thankfully due to our amazing business, we were able to produce healthy bank statements.  And she checked us out on social media… Saw some of Tanner’s cute videos on YouTube and that totally cemented it.

She has several properties and was able to move into another.  But the important thing to remember is that this house was not even on the market and we would never have known about it if not for choosing this particular recommendation out of the many we received. She was not planning on moving out at this point – but it seemed like the perfect situation for both parties as she said this house was too big for her.

Better yet, she said she would go with the date we wanted to move in a little more than a month later.  She had everything freshly custom painted, as well as the pool deck and left us some beautiful furniture and the curtains I loved so much.  A far better situation than we even hoped for.

It’s now been a little over a year and we’re still so happy to have made the move.  Even happier that it all happened the way it did.  We are so grateful.

Melissa Knecht

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  2. John Pointer says:

    So happy that you were able to pull this vision and turn into reality. By just taking action and letting the Universe do it’s job.

    Law of attraction is a beautiful thing when we see it! Then take action on what it’s bringing us.