Money Meditation – Getting Into the Vortex

I have learned so much reading Abraham-Hicks books, as well as listening to their tapes and watching their videos.

Here is an amazing Money Meditation that is reflective of much of their work in Money and the Law of Attraction and The Vortex.  I highly recommend reading both.

It’s all about growing your belief and relaxing into the realization that all you are wanting to attract is right outside your door. It’s a matter of a subtle shift or a tipping of the scales, if you will.  From there, you start to build on the belief as the abundance starts to show up in your experience.  I love this quote from Abraham that I heard so long ago, “The easier it gets, the easier it gets.”  It’s so profound and true.  All the very best to you my friends!

Melissa Knecht

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8 Responses

  1. Mike Beaumont says:

    Melissa, so many thanks for sharing this meditation. I am adding this to my list and it is on my desk top now. You and Kevin always have great content, and I love learning from those that have already gone where I want to be. Thanks for giving me another place to learn.

  2. Suzanne Sobers says:

    Love this! I did it just now, and will be adopting it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Evi says:

    Excellent content! I followed along with the exercises and it felt great! Possibly my first breakthrough! Thank you so much Melissa!

  4. This is one of my favorite Abraham meditations! Abraham is part of my daily life…I don’t know what I did before they found me!!! Thanks for posting this Melissa!

    • Melissa Barnes Knecht says:

      I know, right Beverley? I knew there was more and it was Abraham that started me down the path to finding it many years ago. My life truly changed with those first audio tapes I listened to way back when! 🙂