One of our Top Tips for Creating a Prosperity Mindset

One of our Top Tips for Creating a Prosperity Mindset

Perhaps you don’t like where you live.  Or it’s noisy when you’re trying to focus and be creative.  Or you feel stuck and just want to shake things up a bit.  For any or all of these reasons, you may very well have an easy solution very close to you.

Check out our video below where we give you a few ideas for getting into the flow:

When we were living in a townhouse on Bell Road in Phoenix, AZ completely surrounded by concrete and blacktop not far off that busy road, we were aching for a more welcoming creative space.  A good friend gave us the idea of going to local hotels to spend some time in their public spaces to work.

We would get a Starbucks Tea on site and happily get to being creative.  One of our favorite spots was the JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa where the grounds were inviting and they had comfortable spots to sit outside when the weather was nice.


Now we visit a hotel, mall or restaurant while our house is being cleaned as well as any time we feel like focusing on a project away from our day to day and our sometimes noisy household.

It’s amazing how much we can accomplish in a relatively short period of time when we switch it up.  It gives us fresh input and seems to wake up our brains a bit more.

So why is this true?  Why do we tend to focus and get more done when we change our environment.  Here are some thoughts from Herbert Lui in his blog:

Could our physical environment affect the way that our brain works? As the fields of neuroscience and architecture converge, researchers have found evidence to support the hypothesis that our physical environment can speed up the process of neurogenesis — the rate at which our brain creates new neurons and neural connections. As Emily Badger writes in Pacific Standard:

New neurons continue to be born throughout life, particularly in the hippocampus, the part of your brain that processes new information on its way to being stored as long-term memories. This means that your capacity to add new memories and learn new skills can continue to expand. And how fast these cells are added seems directly influenced by the richness of our interactions with our environment.

If your ideas are stale, or if you’re finding a plateau in productivity, try changing your physical environment. Get up and go to a different place. Badger refers to a famous historical example:

Early in his career, when he was still struggling to find a cure for polio, Jonas Salk retreated to Umbria, Italy, to the monastery at the Basilica of Assisi. The 13th-century Franciscan monastery rises out of the hillside in geometric white stone, with Romanesque arches framing its quiet courtyards. Salk would insist, for the rest of his life, that something about this place—the design and the environment in which he found himself—helped to clear his obstructed mind, inspiring the solution that led to his famous polio vaccine.

So the next time you find yourself feeling stuck or are just looking to focus – find a resort or other inviting place in your area and create some amazing results!

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Melissa Knecht

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12 Responses

  1. Marie-Dominique says:

    Dearest Melissa…. that was exactly what I needed to read this morning! Thank you (& KK) for your encouraging ideas. Now I need to go to Umbria…. I believe I may have some relatives there!

  2. Jdavid Moffitt says:

    Love your blog great tips

  3. Ellen Strotz Macieiski says:

    I enjoyed your suggestion and will be changing my environment at the end if the month! The sight of anything other than snow and bare trees catches me! Thanks for the read!

  4. Priscilla McMillan says:

    Great post. Changing our environment definitely helps to open up creativity and inspiration. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Kathryn McMillan says:

    Work for us. We often sit in the lobby of a local hotel.

    • Melissa Barnes Knecht says:

      A great way to get some focus away from otherwise engaging toddlers! You know it Kathryn!

  6. Jiyoung says:

    Melissa! And Kevin!!
    Thank you for sharing your tips and video!!!!! <3