Your Success Is Closer Than You Think

My wife Melissa and I have been very blessed to have been working full-time from home together for 17 years … (isn’t Melissa’s smile the best, by the way?)

During this time, we’ve probably had 10,000+ “quality conversations” with people who wanted to:
1) Work from home
2) Quit their job
3) Supplement their income
4) Retire a spouse
5) Relocate to a different city/state/country
6) Be home with their kids
7) Double, triple or 10X their income
8) Pursue their passions (by creating a passive income)
9) Learn how to become an entrepreneur
10) Create a legacy for their family

Along with a couple of hundred other reasons.

What’s YOUR reason to start a home business?
(Please scroll down and leave in the comments below if you’d like!)

Why Work From Home, Kevin Knecht

What we’ve personally found is that a good 85-90% of people who first contact us think they’re so so far away from having success (as if it’s in a galaxy far far away!)

When the truth is … they’re CLOSER THAN THEY THINK!

HOPE kevin knecht blog

What are your thoughts right now as you’re reading this post?

Here’s the truth.  How you see yourself is how you’ll move forward!

We can teach you how to tap into your potential so you see yourself more toward your potential.

Does that make sense?  🙂

AWESOME!  Then let’s get to it!

Here’s a REPLAY of the live call I presented on The Empower Hour (Mon June 22, 2015) which walks you through EXACTLY how close you really are!!

Be sure to have a pen and paper handy … you never know on an audio when you’re going to get that next “number” in the “combination” to “unlock” your true potential!!!   (Yes, I messed up that quote on the beginning of the audio!  LOL)

I’d like to personally thank of all the listeners who took the time to leave their comments on my Facebook wall.

Here’s what some had to say …
2015-06-23 Doris Smith Testimonial
2015-06-22 John Boggan 2 Testimonial   2015-06-22 Ellie Bill Lynn Testimonials2015-06-22 Mark Goldenberg

As you’re listening to the REPLAY of this conference call, you’ll hear me say at one point to get out your credit card and put it on your desk where you’re probably sitting right now.

Did you really just do that?  (If not, then do it!  C’mon!  Part of becoming wealthy is following directions!)

But, seriously, once you finish the audio then you’ll probably feel you’re ready for the next step, right?

Well … here is the next step:  CLICK HERE FOR THE NEXT STEP.

[P.S. Please remember to leave your comments below as to your “WHY” you’re considering a home business in the first place.  Thank you again for being here today!]

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6 Responses

  1. Lynn Brown says:

    Just a little over 4 years ago I didn’t know I had ‘choices’. I was living for decades as a corporate robot and worse, missing our son’s early years of growing up leaving that to day care people. Now I want to retire my husband from his self-employed tile business. We will be able to travel more and enjoy our son as he has left the ‘nest’. Living the laptop lifestyle, working from home is such a great choice for anyone wanting more freedom in their lives. And your Empower Hour call last night Kevin was right on point…success REALLY is closer than you think, thanks for sharing!

    • Melissa Barnes Knecht says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Lynn!!! I love connecting with folks like yourself who’ve been in the corporate world because you bring success, discipline, experience, tenacity and a sense of urgency to the table! See you again in Vegas!

  2. Dan Giercke says:

    Great call last night Kevin. I’m inspired by your story, and what you’ve accomplished. Our vision is to be travelling with our family while they do their schooling online. Knowing that Tanner is thriving in that environment helps us realize that we can do it too.

    Perhaps 2015 will be the year to implement that plan!

    Best of Success,

  3. Don says:

    Thanks Kevin, great content and presentation. Love following you guys. Thanks. 🙂 ~Don