Funding For Your Business

Funding For Your Business

One of the biggest secrets successful entrepreneurs know is using funding to get their businesses started.  98% of people who start any business use some sort of funding.  You use O.P.M. – Other People’s Money to generate your own.

Even if you pay high financing, you must examine the upside.  If it gets you in the game and allows you to earn far more than you are now and can free you from the life you’re currently living, then it doesn’t matter.  That financing becomes a write-off for your business taxes and you will bless it when you’re in a position not to need it ever again.

Many people think they can’t start a business because they don’t have the money.  That’s the EXACT reason they should be starting a business!

In this video, you’ll find solutions and ideas to get your business up and running powerfully.

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Weird Entrepreneurs Podcast – Melissa Knecht Edition

Weird Entrepreneurs Podcast - Melissa Knecht Edition

Many thanks to my friends Justin and D Verrengia for their awesome Podcast show – Weird Entrepreneurs.  This was Justin’s most recent post featuring yours truly.  🙂

Melissa Barnes Knecht is a mom of 3 and has been an entrepreneur since the age of 15. She met her husband Kevin Knecht through the industry, he was actually a prospect of hers. LOL! 😛

Hear the full behind the scenes story of how Melissa bounced back from bankruptcy in 2011 to going on to earn over $650,000 in her primary business.

Looking forward to reading your comments  🙂 

Our Blog Analytics Will Blow You Away!

blog analytics will blow you away

I’ve been measuring analytics here on our Blog at for less than 6 weeks. (click on the graphic for larger view) google analytics

These stats run from January 14th thru February 22nd.  Over 3600 page views of FREE traffic and leads!

Over the past week, we’ve averaged over 100 page views a day! Organic leads closing in on 100 (we had 5 in a half hour last night) and several sales.

And. We’re. Just. Getting. Started!  As we get close to the 90 day mark, our traffic will explode even more due to indexing in google.

We’re already seeing many of our pages in First Page organic listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Here we are at Number 2 out of 63,200 results in just a few weeks!

our blog analytics will blow you away

No matter what you’re marketing, whether it be an online business or a brick and mortar, if you’re serious and want results, you’ll use this blog platform.  It makes all the difference.

You can customize any of our multiple, amazing themes to whatever you like.  You can even blog about an unrelated passion topic while utilizing the side, middle and footer banners to do your advertising for you.  It’s all up to you.

We use the platform Kalatu.  Kalatu is an aboriginal word that means “story-telling”.  It’s so appropriately named.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, blogging is powerful!

This graphic about blogging was written about a year ago.  Imagine how much those stats have increased since then! (click on the graphic for larger view)

10 facts blogging

To get your own Kalatu Viral Blogging Platform to market whatever you’re looking to promote, go to  For $25, (cannot even believe all you get for that) you can be up and running in no time.  There is a full training suite included, but we found everything simple to set up and utilize.  

Gratitude and Memories from St. Pete Beach

Gratitude and Memories from St Pete Beach

My husband is such a great writer.  I found this post on Facebook from November of 2012.  It was such a great retrospective to take stock of knowing we were not even a year out from our bankruptcy. We were in such a state of Gratitude.

Gratitude  and Memories - St. Pete Beach

What an incredible trip to St Pete Beach Melissa and I had the last 4 days … We :

–generated over $2,500 of income ***WITHOUT*** being tied to the phone or computer

–had a pre-Anniversary “get away” that was LONG overdue (and I even surprised Melissa a couple of times!)

Melissa Facebook St Pete Beach

–got our “from bankruptcy to ‘bank’ story recorded on audio and video for soon-to-be released training

–realized it’s been an incredible year of re-birth for the both of us in the “home business industry” as well as personally

–got to finally have a suite “by the beach” (on my checklist for SO long!!) so we could wake up to that mesmerizing ocean sound!

I hope this doesn’t come across as bragging. Because the truth is … just a few months ago … I couldn’t do ANY of the above.

An AMAZING thing happens when you …

1) VISUALIZE before you “materialize”
2) Create ACTION STEPS to attain the outcome
3) And then surround yourself with a MASTERMIND of other leaders who will:
a) Support your decision
b) Show you how to get there (because they already have)

We’ve by no means “Arrived” in life. But, we’re certainly on the path!!

Just last night on the ride home, Melissa and I were in awe of one year ago not being able to visualize how far we’ve come in one year.

It’s VERY exciting to ponder … OK? How about one year from ***NOW*** ???  🙂 🙂 🙂

If these are not “normal” thoughts in your “day-to-day” existence … it’s time to make it your “norm” …

IF you want to play BIGGER in 2013 …

And start THRIVING … rather than “surviving.”

Then surround yourself with people who WILL support your greatness –>

So as I get “started” with my day today, I’m especially grateful for my family: Josh, Olivia, Tanner and Melissa.

My health. My great friends and mentors.

My beautiful and happy home life.

These are ALL things I’ve had to work on and visualize in order to create in my life.

And, yes, I’ll take credit.  🙂 

Just like I had to “take credit” for past financial screw-ups, saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, and the thousands of “learning experiences” I’ve had along the way when I might have said/did the “wrong” thing.

It’s a beautiful life when you can wake up and create the outcome you desire.

And the truth is … right now … you already are!! 🙂 

I hope this message inspires at least ONE more person to wake-up and tap into his/her internal greatness.

The world serves the Ideal YOU!!!!

You Get to Listen In Right Here


“How To Become ‘Presidential’ In All Areas Of Your Life!”

What if you could truly build your life by DESIGN instead of settling for what’s happened by DEFAULT?

We will be sharing how we finally left our “struggles” behind and, instead, started focusing on all of the “little” things we wanted in all areas of our lives.

And how to do so even if your current “world” includes the (possible) drama of: kids, parents, ex-spouses, naysayers, bill collectors, repo guys, bosses, co-workers, etc.

Bring a pen and paper to this podcast.

We’ll have SPECIFIC strategies for you to write down …

So you can IMMEDIATELY implement these incredible strategies.

Our goal for you … eliminate all the EXCUSES keeping you from playing BIG and playing to your POTENTIAL!

Click the red arrow to listen below: 

Please feel free to pass this message along to your friends, your loved ones, and anyone who you feel will benefit from this incredible information!

And, of course, we welcome your comments below.

Your Choice – An Abundant Life or One Filled With Regret?

This is an article & video posted on Facebook a little over a year ago:

Here in the land of OPPORTUNITY, there’s a mind “virus” going around. If you’re not careful, you may believe that there’s NO WAY you can POSSIBLY rise from the poor or broke to be amongst the wealthy.

2 years ago, Melissa and I had less than $100 to our name. With a family of four. We had to turn things around.

Surely, we could have continued to feel sorry for ourselves. Gone on welfare. Divorced. (Insert your own struggle here).

Instead, we remembered that there are countless stories of struggle that have turned into success!

And we INUNDATED ourselves with success all around us. Videos, Books, Audios and following those achieving on Facebook.

The fact that you’re reading this update tells me you’re VERY capable of turning your life around in a VERY short period of time.

WARNING: It will require a focus as if your life depended on it. And the truth is, your life DOES depend on it.

Imagine the regret you’ll have on your death bed years from now, knowing full well you could have lived an abundant life in ALL areas of your life … spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.

Deepak Chopra is famous for quoting, “Abundance is the natural state.” Yes. It’s NORMAL to have more than enough. It’s NOT normal to struggle.

Deepak Chopra & Melissa Knecht
Deepak Chopra & Melissa Knecht

Well … unless you buy into the messages of the “mass” media. Just open up any newspaper article written by a low-paid writer. Or listen to a “network” news cast.

Instead, I invite you today to go on a media “fast” and start filling your mind with books such as:

Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Scott Alexander Rhinoceros Success (there are so many other great ones I could list here)

And as you’re filling your mind with positive, profitable data … find like-minded people.

For me, I wanted to surround myself with online marketers who were having the results I wanted, and could easily duplicate.

Here’s where we found this –>

It’s JUST a click away. If you suppress your doubt, worry, fear, etc. Instead, I invite you to ask, “What if this IS the answer I’ve been searching for?”

Like I said, take this SERIOUSLY. As if your life depended on it.

Because it does.

And if you do, you’ll be the next success story to (perhaps) go from “Bankrupt” to “Bank!”

Is It Selfish To Be Poor In The Land Of Opportunity?

These statistics are extremely alarming …


Fewer than one in four Americans have enough money in their savings account to cover at least six months of expenses.  So what happens in case of:

*job loss (and loss of income)
*medical emergency
*or some other unexpected event

It gets worse.

50% have less than a 90-day cushion.

27% have *ZERO* savings.

In the land of OPPORTUNITY … almost 80% are squandering it!

So maybe it’s true about that “80-20″ Principle.

20% are “producers” while 80% are watching from the sidelines.

In this case, 20% are free to move about the country, live, prosper, thrive, take chances, vacation, etc. etc. … because they HAVE the resources.

Meanwhile, the other 80% are not able to do much other than “exist.”

But, let’s be clear.

In the land of OPPORTUNITY … for most people, it’s a CHOICE to be “rich” or “poor.”


(The “Secret Formula” to going from “Poor” to “Rich” is moving across the “Cashflow Quadrants” from left to right! – Read Robert Kiyosaki’s “The Cash Flow Quadrant for more.)

We’ve been at the “bottom.”  (Well, in this the case, the “top left.”)  It’s no fun.

There is no “nobility” in being broke.  Some call it “struggling.”  Some are pretty proud of their family roots of struggle.

Well … that is bullshit.  Especially once you’re introduced to the idea that you CAN make a change for the better of your family.

And if this is that for you, I apologize for the rude awakening.

You’ll either thank me later or be offended by my brutal honesty.


(By the way, I’m not speaking of the handicapped or otherwise disabled people.  I’m speaking about those of sound mind and/or sound body, who CAN choose!)

Since we’re on a roll here, let’s take it one more step.  If you’re perfectly capable of choosing to prosper in today’s economy, you’re of sound mind and/or body, and, yet you choose to play small, or worse, do nothing at all, then that’s just plain selfish.

What about your kids?  Your spouse?  Your parents?  Your neighbors?  Your fellow mankind?

They DESERVE your best effort.  The world benefits when we all collectively choose to play big and win big.

(Imagine the possibilities when we *ALL* play a bigger game in life!)

Thank you, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.
Thank you, Harriet Tubman and Oprah Winfrey.
Thank you, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.
Thank you, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

What if those men and women (along with the millions of others who’ve played BIG in life) had chosen to play small?

It’s downright SELFISH to settle for anything less than your potential.


So … how can you “turn the ship around” ??

1) Find a mentor.  Find a person (or people) who can show you how to get from Point “A” (where you may be right now) to Point “B” (your ideal lifestyle).

2) Qualify the mentor.  Is s/he already having the results you’re looking to have?

3) Duplicate the mentor.  Can you “follow” his/her path and create a similar (or even greater) outcome?

When we added 1 + 2 + 3 in 2012, it equaled over $250,000…  After being bankrupt.

Now the ball is in your court.  What bigger game are *YOU* ready to play?  🙂

 images (4)

Our Powerful Story of Overcoming Adversity

Every Monday night at 9pm EST, thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world meet on the telephone for an “hour of power” from a top six- or seven-figure earner inside of our company.

It’s an incredible opportunity to learn the in’s and out’s of how these amazing leaders were, in many cases, able to overcome bankruptcies, divorce, downsizing, sickness, handicaps, etc.

So it was an incredible privilege to be asked to host this landmark call recently and share OUR story of overcoming adversity.

We invite you to listen right now … especially if you’ve ever:



—had a car repo’ed 

—been evicted

—had bill collectors calling (and knocking on your door)

—made money and then lost it all

—been on food stamps

—been diagnosed with debilitating conditions

This is just a small list of some of the “overcomings” we’ve made in our adult lives so far … 

The great news is we went from “Bankrupt To Bank” in just 90 days.

And have generated 28 months in a row (so far) of 5-figured income.

We don’t say that to impress you, but to impress upon you that this is available for you, too.

Grab a pen and paper.  Start listening to the call.  We’ll actually give you a bit of “homework” toward  the end that, truthfully, most people will ignore.

However, the small percentage who take it seriously, WILL thrive in their lives like never before.

And to those people we enthusiastically say, “Welcome to the team!”

How We Went from Bankrupt to Bank

Everyone has a story to tell. In these pictures we just got done telling ours on stage at an event in New Orleans.

We’ll share some of it with you here.

We’ve been in the network marketing industry for many years and have had times where we made a lot of money. Unfortunately, the income was not sustainable, nor were the companies, so we ended up living on a roller coaster.

Some months would be great and then others we’d make little or nothing. It’s a great way to have stress but not success.

Following one “leader” led us to lose everything and we found ourselves in a small townhouse having to file bankruptcy in December of 2011. We were completely busted, but we were unknowingly setting ourselves up for a huge comeback. More on that in a bit…

We had two of our children living with us and it was horrible and humiliating to go through this in front of them. Failing is one thing – but failing in front of your kids is excruciating.

We had the intimidating guys banging on our door to repo our car day after day. Until one day – after going to the store, we returned to the parking lot to find it gone.

This led to over six months of renting a $9.99 enterprise special each weekend to do shopping and errands. During the week, we had to live without a vehicle. That was really hard with kids.

The charade of having to go to the car rental place each weekend and then returning it… Having a different economy car every weekend. Certainly not the life we wanted for our kids.

When you claim bankruptcy, you are allowed to have only $100 to your name. We were working with a struggling network marketing company at the time where we had a very small income coming in. It was really bleak.

We struggled for a few months after bankruptcy and then found a group of entrepreneurs who were actually having consistent extraordinary results.

It was tough to think about one more company…. we were so burned out. Almost beyond hope. But we thought “What if… what if this is the one thing that will finally work for the long term?” That was enough to get us started.

We immediately started having results with $4,000 in our first month and in our 4th month we had our first $20,000 month.

We had really been wanting to move east from where we were living in Phoenix, Arizona and we were able to move in mid-October. We really wanted a “neighborhood feel” which we found outside of Atlanta. That Halloween night when we took our son trick or treating in this great new neighborhood and we were feeling so grateful, we checked our back office for our income and we hit $100,000 that night. That was 7 months in. We were ecstatic!

We spent 15 months in that neighborhood and then decided we wanted to go somewhere a little warmer in the winter. The freedom to pick up and do that is not lost on us. This is what the money is for – the freedom.

We found an amazing neighborhood in Sarasota, Florida and got busy with moving into a great house.  We even added a rescue puppy to our family that year.

Kevin And Melissa Family

We finally felt prosperous in every way and the peace we feel is priceless. We heard someone say once that money pays for the experiences that money can’t buy. We really get that now.

Our son does virtual school from home and is home with us while we do some work here and there and just live our lives. He’s taken up drumming and is starting lessons soon. Something we would’ve had to deny him such a short time ago.

Our older kids are successful in their own rights and have been able to pursue their passions.

Recently, we moved back to Scottsdale, Arizona.  We’d missed a lot of our friends and the Spiritual Center we were very involved in.  From a health perspective, Melissa’s had some challenges that her doctor’s recommended a drier climate for.  It was all pointing us back to the desert.  We’re so fortunate to be able to have lived in many different places.

We’ve made millions in different companies over the years, but we’re now working with a company where people can make as much or more with the education in our products as they do from the affiliate offer.  ECommerce and Digital Marketing is huge in today’s world.  It can also be overwhelming to learn.  Our company has created phenomenal education to walk someone through from A to Z.

Our mission now is to pay forward our blessings to as many people as we can. To let them know how we did it and to guide them in creating the income they deserve to design their lives.

If you’d like to know more about what we’ve done to transform our lives, get started with us today at If it’s for you, great – if not, that’s ok, too. Either way – we want you to remember just what’s possible in life and we wish you the very best!

Sunset on Siesta Key Beach