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blog analytics will blow you away

Our Blog Analytics Will Blow You Away!

These stats run from January 14th thru February 22nd. Over 3600 page views of FREE traffic and leads!
Over the past week, we’ve averaged over 100 page views a day! Organic leads closing in on 100 (we had 5 in a half hour last night) and several sales.

Gratitude and Memories from St Pete Beach

Gratitude and Memories from St. Pete Beach

My husband is such a great writer. I found this post on Facebook from November of 2012. It was such a great retrospective to take stock of knowing we were not even a year out from our bankruptcy. We were in such a state of Gratitude.


You Get to Listen In Right Here

What if you could truly build your life by DESIGN instead of settling for what’s happened by DEFAULT?
We will be sharing how we finally left our “struggles” behind and, instead, started focusing on all of the “little” things we wanted in all areas of our lives.