Is It Selfish To Be Poor In The Land Of Opportunity?

These statistics are extremely alarming …


Fewer than one in four Americans have enough money in their savings account to cover at least six months of expenses.  So what happens in case of:

*job loss (and loss of income)
*medical emergency
*or some other unexpected event

It gets worse.

50% have less than a 90-day cushion.

27% have *ZERO* savings.

In the land of OPPORTUNITY … almost 80% are squandering it!

So maybe it’s true about that “80-20″ Principle.

20% are “producers” while 80% are watching from the sidelines.

In this case, 20% are free to move about the country, live, prosper, thrive, take chances, vacation, etc. etc. … because they HAVE the resources.

Meanwhile, the other 80% are not able to do much other than “exist.”

But, let’s be clear.

In the land of OPPORTUNITY … for most people, it’s a CHOICE to be “rich” or “poor.”


(The “Secret Formula” to going from “Poor” to “Rich” is moving across the “Cashflow Quadrants” from left to right! – Read Robert Kiyosaki’s “The Cash Flow Quadrant for more.)

We’ve been at the “bottom.”  (Well, in this the case, the “top left.”)  It’s no fun.

There is no “nobility” in being broke.  Some call it “struggling.”  Some are pretty proud of their family roots of struggle.

Well … that is bullshit.  Especially once you’re introduced to the idea that you CAN make a change for the better of your family.

And if this is that for you, I apologize for the rude awakening.

You’ll either thank me later or be offended by my brutal honesty.


(By the way, I’m not speaking of the handicapped or otherwise disabled people.  I’m speaking about those of sound mind and/or sound body, who CAN choose!)

Since we’re on a roll here, let’s take it one more step.  If you’re perfectly capable of choosing to prosper in today’s economy, you’re of sound mind and/or body, and, yet you choose to play small, or worse, do nothing at all, then that’s just plain selfish.

What about your kids?  Your spouse?  Your parents?  Your neighbors?  Your fellow mankind?

They DESERVE your best effort.  The world benefits when we all collectively choose to play big and win big.

(Imagine the possibilities when we *ALL* play a bigger game in life!)

Thank you, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.
Thank you, Harriet Tubman and Oprah Winfrey.
Thank you, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.
Thank you, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

What if those men and women (along with the millions of others who’ve played BIG in life) had chosen to play small?

It’s downright SELFISH to settle for anything less than your potential.


So … how can you “turn the ship around” ??

1) Find a mentor.  Find a person (or people) who can show you how to get from Point “A” (where you may be right now) to Point “B” (your ideal lifestyle).

2) Qualify the mentor.  Is s/he already having the results you’re looking to have?

3) Duplicate the mentor.  Can you “follow” his/her path and create a similar (or even greater) outcome?

When we added 1 + 2 + 3 in 2012, it equaled over $250,000…  After being bankrupt.

Now the ball is in your court.  What bigger game are *YOU* ready to play?  🙂

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