Gratitude and Memories from St. Pete Beach

My husband is such a great writer.  I found this post on Facebook from November of 2012.  It was such a great retrospective to take stock of knowing we were not even a year out from our bankruptcy. We were in such a state of Gratitude.

Gratitude  and Memories - St. Pete Beach

What an incredible trip to St Pete Beach Melissa and I had the last 4 days … We :

–generated over $2,500 of income ***WITHOUT*** being tied to the phone or computer

–had a pre-Anniversary “get away” that was LONG overdue (and I even surprised Melissa a couple of times!)

Melissa Facebook St Pete Beach

–got our “from bankruptcy to ‘bank’ story recorded on audio and video for soon-to-be released training

–realized it’s been an incredible year of re-birth for the both of us in the “home business industry” as well as personally

–got to finally have a suite “by the beach” (on my checklist for SO long!!) so we could wake up to that mesmerizing ocean sound!

I hope this doesn’t come across as bragging. Because the truth is … just a few months ago … I couldn’t do ANY of the above.

An AMAZING thing happens when you …

1) VISUALIZE before you “materialize”
2) Create ACTION STEPS to attain the outcome
3) And then surround yourself with a MASTERMIND of other leaders who will:
a) Support your decision
b) Show you how to get there (because they already have)

We’ve by no means “Arrived” in life. But, we’re certainly on the path!!

Just last night on the ride home, Melissa and I were in awe of one year ago not being able to visualize how far we’ve come in one year.

It’s VERY exciting to ponder … OK? How about one year from ***NOW*** ???  🙂 🙂 🙂

If these are not “normal” thoughts in your “day-to-day” existence … it’s time to make it your “norm” …

IF you want to play BIGGER in 2013 …

And start THRIVING … rather than “surviving.”

Then surround yourself with people who WILL support your greatness –>

So as I get “started” with my day today, I’m especially grateful for my family: Josh, Olivia, Tanner and Melissa.

My health. My great friends and mentors.

My beautiful and happy home life.

These are ALL things I’ve had to work on and visualize in order to create in my life.

And, yes, I’ll take credit.  🙂 

Just like I had to “take credit” for past financial screw-ups, saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, and the thousands of “learning experiences” I’ve had along the way when I might have said/did the “wrong” thing.

It’s a beautiful life when you can wake up and create the outcome you desire.

And the truth is … right now … you already are!! 🙂 

I hope this message inspires at least ONE more person to wake-up and tap into his/her internal greatness.

The world serves the Ideal YOU!!!!

Melissa Knecht

Thank you for visiting our blog! I am a Mom, wife, entrepreneur, life & business coach, spiritual seeker and someone always looking to evolve. I've studied personal and spiritual development for over 25 years. It has been a worthy pursuit and has positively shaped my life. While always continuing to grow, I now seek to pay it forward to others on the path. I have 3 kids - Josh, Olivia and Tanner. Tanner, 2 of whom did graduated from virtual school. We are an out of the box family and we love it! Kevin and I have designed our lives around many trials and tribulations... but they have made it all the sweeter. If you would like to connect with me, reach out on Facebook: or through my contact page.

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  1. This is a great post…it seems you re-posted it……
    Your blog is fantastic!

    BTW I saw you both speaking on Stage at Unleash, via Live Stream from Sacramento.
    You were a blessing…..
    That’s why I reached out to you on Message…..(no rush…..)