Hanging Out With Bob Proctor From the Secret

Our first meeting with Bob Proctor was in Hawaii, several years before The Secret.  He wrote the first iteration of the course for a personal development company we worked with.  Then, he was the featured speaker at our event in Hawaii.

I was fairly new to the world of Law Of Attraction and Personal Development and hearing Bob in person was a revelation!  We got to spend a little time with him, but I was so sad we never got a picture with him.

Our opportunity came a few years later when we went to visit some friends from the U.K. who were staying at a resort in Scottsdale where we lived at the time.  We were sitting in the lobby chatting and who walks by but Bob Proctor!

So we got to spend some time with him and finally get our picture! He is a great guy.  He’s made a life of being a teacher of powerful truths.  I love that example.

Here are some of my favorite Bob Proctor quotes:

Bob Proctor KevinAndMelissa.com

Law Of Attraction Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor Fear And Faith KevinAndMelissa.com

Melissa Knecht

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5 Responses

  1. Kati says:

    Great pot Melissa! Bob is a wonderful man. Although I’ve never met them, I loved him in ‘The Secret’

  2. Kati says:

    Great post Melissa! Bob Proctor is a great man. So glad you could finally got to meet him. Even though I have never met him yet myself, I loved him in the movie The Secret.

  3. yukiko says:

    Great value and beautiful presentation… Bob is ageless… I’ve known him since 2001. So glad you and Kevin got to spend time with him.

  4. Savin says:

    you are so lucky to have met him! I loved ‘The Secret’ have not read his other work but it must have been great to spend time with Bob