Your Choice – An Abundant Life or One Filled With Regret?

This is an article & video posted on Facebook a little over a year ago:

Here in the land of OPPORTUNITY, there’s a mind “virus” going around. If you’re not careful, you may believe that there’s NO WAY you can POSSIBLY rise from the poor or broke to be amongst the wealthy.

2 years ago, Melissa and I had less than $100 to our name. With a family of four. We had to turn things around.

Surely, we could have continued to feel sorry for ourselves. Gone on welfare. Divorced. (Insert your own struggle here).

Instead, we remembered that there are countless stories of struggle that have turned into success!

And we INUNDATED ourselves with success all around us. Videos, Books, Audios and following those achieving on Facebook.

The fact that you’re reading this update tells me you’re VERY capable of turning your life around in a VERY short period of time.

WARNING: It will require a focus as if your life depended on it. And the truth is, your life DOES depend on it.

Imagine the regret you’ll have on your death bed years from now, knowing full well you could have lived an abundant life in ALL areas of your life … spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.

Deepak Chopra is famous for quoting, “Abundance is the natural state.” Yes. It’s NORMAL to have more than enough. It’s NOT normal to struggle.

Deepak Chopra & Melissa Knecht
Deepak Chopra & Melissa Knecht

Well … unless you buy into the messages of the “mass” media. Just open up any newspaper article written by a low-paid writer. Or listen to a “network” news cast.

Instead, I invite you today to go on a media “fast” and start filling your mind with books such as:

Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Scott Alexander Rhinoceros Success (there are so many other great ones I could list here)

And as you’re filling your mind with positive, profitable data … find like-minded people.

For me, I wanted to surround myself with online marketers who were having the results I wanted, and could easily duplicate.

Here’s where we found this –>

It’s JUST a click away. If you suppress your doubt, worry, fear, etc. Instead, I invite you to ask, “What if this IS the answer I’ve been searching for?”

Like I said, take this SERIOUSLY. As if your life depended on it.

Because it does.

And if you do, you’ll be the next success story to (perhaps) go from “Bankrupt” to “Bank!”

Can’t Shake It Off! Even Police Officers Love Taylor Swift!

What a feel-good video!  Wonderful to see the obvious love of life this man has. It’s great when you can see unedited happiness.  Funny to see the pauses when he thought he might be seen.  All in all, it just makes you stop for a few moments to smile and laugh – and that’s always a good thing.

Here’s the write up that accompanied the video on

Not even police officers are immune to Taylor Swift.

One officer from the Dover Police Department in Dover, Delaware, became a viral sensation when he was caught dancing along to Swift’s earworm of a hit, “Shake It Off.”

The unidentified man is seen boogying to the song while driving and displaying impressive lip-synching skills.

Some of us would be embarrassed if we were spotted in a moment of intense car-dancing, but the DPD chose to release this hilarious video to the public.

“While reviewing in-car cameras, we tend to see some ‘interesting’ things,” says a message from the DPD on their video. “We decided to share them with you in a new series called … Dash Cam Confessionals.”

You Have All the Answers Within You

When you realize that you always have the answers within yourself, you can stop searching outside of yourself.

Many of us seek the answers to life’’s questions by looking outside of ourselves and trying to glean advice from the people around us. But as each of us is unique, with our own personal histories, our own sense of right and wrong, and our own way of experiencing the world that defines our realities, looking to others for our answers is only partially helpful. The answers to our personal questions can be most often found by looking within. When you realize that you always have access to the part of you that always knows what you need and is meant to act as your inner compass, you can stop searching outside of yourself. If you can learn to hear, trust, and embrace the wisdom that lives within you, you will be able to confidently navigate your life.

Trusting your inner wisdom may be awkward at first, particularly if you grew up around people who taught you to look to others for answers. We each have exclusive access to our inner knowing. All we have to do is remember how to listen. Remember to be patient as you relearn how to hear, receive, and follow your own guidance. If you are unsure about whether following your inner wisdom will prove reliable, you may want to think of a time when you did trust your own knowing and everything worked out. Recall how the answers came to you, how they felt in your body as you considered them, and what happened when you acted upon this guidance. Now, recall a time when you didn’’t trust yourself and the results didn’’t work out as you had hoped. Trusting your own guidance can help you avoid going against what you instinctively know is right for you.

When you second guess yourself and go against what you know to be your truth, you can easily go off course because you are no longer following your inner compass. By looking inside yourself for the answers to your life’s questions, you are consulting your best guide. Only you can know the how’s and why’s of your life. The answers that you seek can be found when you start answering your own questions. –Daily Om


Why Affirmations Don’t Work

affirmations don't work

If you understand law of attraction, you know that thoughts create things and like attracts like.

The concept of affirmations is that repeating a positive statement will eventually allow you to cross over into belief of the statement and create the desired outcome.  Sounds plausible, right?  

The problem with this is that when we state something that we know is untrue we attract more thoughts that bring us down.  

For instance, many people struggle with making more money.  So if we create the affirmation, “I am rich.” and we are not currently living that reality it can actually undermine our efforts.

In fact, if we are struggling financially and have great angst around this subject, then there are many more thoughts that pop up to the contrary.

Abraham-Hicks says that every subject has two sides.  The having of something and the not having of it.  That is very clear with money and why so many people struggle with it.

So you go through a litany of things about not having money and continue down the path of then feeling bad about not having it and how is seemingly out of reach.  This creates many more bad feelings about the subject of money and the feeling is what is most important in law of attraction.

So now you end up worse off than before you first recited the affirmation.  I learned a very important word track from Michael Losier, author of “The Law Of Attraction Book”.  He said to use the phrase, “I’m in the process…”  I’m in the process of creating more money and abundance in my life is a much more positive way to start creating the desired outcome.

Your mind doesn’t “argue” with you.  If you’re taking the actions, then you are “in the process”.  It has helped me so much to pivot on issues that before were really tough to break free from.

So what are you “In the process” of creating in your life?  Let me know in the comments or connect with me on Facebook!

Why You Should Believe In Yourself

When we believe in ourselves, there is almost no limit to what we can accomplish in our personal lives and in our outer-world affairs. Without the debilitating specter of doubt hanging over our heads, we are free to concentrate the entirety of our mental and emotional attention on our goals. The self-trust we have cultivated over time grants us the combination of valor and audacity we need to stand face-to-face against challenges that might otherwise have frightened us into submission. If our confidence should falter, we can look back on the many instances where we have overcome great adversity and drawn strength from the knowledge that we are capable of amazing feats of courage and prowess. Your confidence in your abilities will bolster your spirits when you are called upon to extend yourself beyond your usual limits. – Daily Om


So how many times in our lives do we block the great things we could accomplish by getting in our own way?  I have done this many times in my own life.  Sometimes we get so bogged down in the day to day or in the issues facing us that we forget all the amazing things we’ve accomplished.  We are so hard on ourselves – more so than we would ever be on anyone else. “I should be doing more.” “I should have accomplished more by now.”  We “Should” all over ourselves!

This does nothing to actually attract better results.  When we’re hard on ourselves, it’s a lower vibration than is conducive to attracting the good things we want.  Start to “catch yourself” in these moments.  Then, take a few minutes to think of the things you have accomplished.  The things you have achieved.  Then, ask yourself what is one positive step you can take in the direction of your goals.  It will come to you much easier when you’ve taken a few moments to feel better about yourself.

You came to this life with the right to live an abundant life.  It is your birthright.  You deserve it and it’s your time to claim it.  In case no one told you today, You Rock!  


Money Meditation – Getting Into the Vortex

I have learned so much reading Abraham-Hicks books, as well as listening to their tapes and watching their videos.

Here is an amazing Money Meditation that is reflective of much of their work in Money and the Law of Attraction and The Vortex.  I highly recommend reading both.

It’s all about growing your belief and relaxing into the realization that all you are wanting to attract is right outside your door. It’s a matter of a subtle shift or a tipping of the scales, if you will.  From there, you start to build on the belief as the abundance starts to show up in your experience.  I love this quote from Abraham that I heard so long ago, “The easier it gets, the easier it gets.”  It’s so profound and true.  All the very best to you my friends!

One of our Top Tips for Creating a Prosperity Mindset

One of our Top Tips for Creating a Prosperity Mindset

Perhaps you don’t like where you live.  Or it’s noisy when you’re trying to focus and be creative.  Or you feel stuck and just want to shake things up a bit.  For any or all of these reasons, you may very well have an easy solution very close to you.

Check out our video below where we give you a few ideas for getting into the flow:

When we were living in a townhouse on Bell Road in Phoenix, AZ completely surrounded by concrete and blacktop not far off that busy road, we were aching for a more welcoming creative space.  A good friend gave us the idea of going to local hotels to spend some time in their public spaces to work.

We would get a Starbucks Tea on site and happily get to being creative.  One of our favorite spots was the JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa where the grounds were inviting and they had comfortable spots to sit outside when the weather was nice.


Now we visit a hotel, mall or restaurant while our house is being cleaned as well as any time we feel like focusing on a project away from our day to day and our sometimes noisy household.

It’s amazing how much we can accomplish in a relatively short period of time when we switch it up.  It gives us fresh input and seems to wake up our brains a bit more.

So why is this true?  Why do we tend to focus and get more done when we change our environment.  Here are some thoughts from Herbert Lui in his blog:

Could our physical environment affect the way that our brain works? As the fields of neuroscience and architecture converge, researchers have found evidence to support the hypothesis that our physical environment can speed up the process of neurogenesis — the rate at which our brain creates new neurons and neural connections. As Emily Badger writes in Pacific Standard:

New neurons continue to be born throughout life, particularly in the hippocampus, the part of your brain that processes new information on its way to being stored as long-term memories. This means that your capacity to add new memories and learn new skills can continue to expand. And how fast these cells are added seems directly influenced by the richness of our interactions with our environment.

If your ideas are stale, or if you’re finding a plateau in productivity, try changing your physical environment. Get up and go to a different place. Badger refers to a famous historical example:

Early in his career, when he was still struggling to find a cure for polio, Jonas Salk retreated to Umbria, Italy, to the monastery at the Basilica of Assisi. The 13th-century Franciscan monastery rises out of the hillside in geometric white stone, with Romanesque arches framing its quiet courtyards. Salk would insist, for the rest of his life, that something about this place—the design and the environment in which he found himself—helped to clear his obstructed mind, inspiring the solution that led to his famous polio vaccine.

So the next time you find yourself feeling stuck or are just looking to focus – find a resort or other inviting place in your area and create some amazing results!

change your environment

10 Innocent Gestures You Shouldn’t Use Overseas

10 Innocent Gestures You Shouldn’t Use Overseas

Certain gestures that are innocent in the United States mean something completely different (and offensive) overseas. Avoid these 10 hand signals when traveling abroad!


Peace Sign with Palm Facing Inward

Trying to order two beers from the bartender or wish someone peace in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand? Make sure that when you have your index and middle fingers pointed up in the V shape, your palm is facing outward. Otherwise, you’re giving the equivalent of the middle finger.

Avoid Using In: United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.


(Photo: Thinkstock/iStock)


The thumbs-up signals approval in the U.S. and on Facebook, but in Afghanistan, Iran, parts of Italy, and Greece, it means “up yours.” So next time you’re trying to hitchhike in, say, Tuscany, you should reconsider before sticking out your thumb.

Avoid Using In: Afghanistan, Iran, parts of Italy, and Greece.


(Photo: Thinkstock/iStock)

The OK

Turns out making a circle with your index finger and thumb is not OK in certain countries. In France, for example, it means “zero” or “worthless.” In Venezuela, Turkey, and Brazil, it’s a vulgar slang that will offend pretty much anyone you flash it at.

Avoid Using In: Turkey, Brazil, Venezuela, and France.

 (Photo: Thinkstock/iStock)

Finger Summoning

Want someone to come over to you? Definitely don’t use your curled index finger to summon them in the Philippines—that’s reserved for calling dogs and is considered very rude. And in Singapore and Japan, that motion signifies death, so unless you are the icy hand of death yourself, don’t employ it.

Avoid Using In: The Philippines, Singapore, and Japan.


(Photo: Shutterstock)

Left Hand

Sorry, southpaws. You’ll need to become ambidextrous—or just accept the fact that you’ll probably spill food all over yourself while eating with your right hand—while in the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, and Africa. In these countries, the left hand is traditionally seen as unclean, because it is associated with cleaning yourself after using the bathroom.

Avoid Using In: The Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, and Africa.


(Photo: Thinkstock/iStock)


Don’t use the palm-out, fingers-up “stop” sign in Greece, or you may not be able to stop someone from punching you in the face. This gesture is an insult to Greeks—a stigma that apparently dates back to Byzantine times, when shackled criminals were paraded through the streets and gawkers were allowed to smear charcoal or excrement in their faces using their open palms.

Avoid Using In: Greece.


(Photo: Thinkstock/iStock)

Fingers Crossed

Crossing your index and middle fingers won’t bring you good luck in Vietnam. There, crossed fingers symbolize a part of the female anatomy and can be considered very rude when flashed at another person.

Avoid Using In: Vietnam.


(Photo: robert thigpen via flickr/CC Attribution/Share Alike)

Devil Horns

Rocking out at a metal show or tossing up hook ’em horns (with your hand in a fist and index and pinky finger extended) is a bad idea in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and Colombia. In these countries, the University of Texas’ signature hand gesture can be used to indicate that someone’s wife has been unfaithful.

Avoid Using In: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and Colombia.


(Photo: Thinkstock/Creatas)

Arm Wave

Don’t hail a cab or wave someone over to you with your palm facing up in South Korea. That’s how Koreans summon their dogs. The proper way to wave is to move your hand up and down vertically with your palm facing down.

Avoid Using In: South Korea.


(Photo: Thinkstock/Hemera)

Pat on the Head

The head is the most sacred part of the body in Thailand. In the Buddhist faith, it’s where the spirit lives. Thus, touching someone else’s head or hair is a definite faux pas—so think twice before you ruffle a kid’s hair or pat someone for a job well done!

Avoid Using In: Thailand.


–Caroline Morse via Airfare Watchdog

How Gratitude Can Impact Your Life

I’ve been through a lot in my life.  In fact, I’m going through a lot right now.  (More on that in blog posts to come.)  But the power of gratitude is a gift we can give ourselves at any moment.  Even in the midst of trials… especially in the midst of trials.

Since the making of this video over the summer, our son Josh has moved to Sarasota. One more thing to be grateful for!  I have so many.

One year ago today we left Atlanta to move to Sarasota.  I’m just beginning to unfurl the blessings of that move.  There have been so many already and I feel like many more are coming.

Sometimes it may seem hard to find things to be grateful for, especially if it hasn’t been a practice of yours.  But if you start small with basic things, you can get on a roll.
I am grateful for my breath.
I am grateful for my ability to read.
I am grateful for hearing birds singing.
I am grateful for __________.

And then – more and more things will come into your experience to be grateful for. The really cool thing?  The practice of gratitude makes you feel amazing while you’re waiting for them to show up – it’s a win/win!!  

Check out my video below to hear my thoughts on gratitude this past summer.

I would be remiss speaking on this subject in not mentioning my amazing friend Elizabeth Hartigan,  In fact I was inspired to write this blog on this day because today, January 9th is her birthday.  She is truly a gift that was given to the world the day she was born and one I am personally grateful for.  Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

5 Steps to Programming Yourself for Success

I love this quote from Abraham-Hicks:

Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning…What are you planning?


Excerpted from the workshop: Silver Spring, MD on April 19, 1997


A teacher I had many years ago, Frederic Lehrman said “Worry is a prayer for something you don’t want.”

I would go on to say that you can only be flowing energy one way or another.  You may have an event happen that will cause an emotion, but you then get to choose how far to go down that rabbit hole with it.  And it is a choice.

If you’ve made it a habit to let emotions rule, then it will take some work to start to direct them, but it is possible.

On the other side, you have gratitude.  When you are in deep appreciation and gratitude, it’s a huge beacon to the universe that you love what you are appreciating and so the universe delivers more to be grateful for.

The person that has taught me the most about this is a wonderful friend of mine who is The Gratitude Girl, Elizabeth Hartigan.  She offers an amazing guided gratitude journal to focus on this awesome practice.  You can find out more at and on her Facebook fan page at


So when you understand that your thoughts create emotions which then create manifestations or outcomes, it sure makes you want to pay attention to what you’re thinking about, huh?!

And further, you can program yourself to regularly think more empowering thoughts as an ongoing process in your life.  You can do this in several ways.

First are books.  It’s amazing what can happen as you read on a regular basis.  I’m talking about life enriching books, not frothy novels.  I choose to read vs. listen on tape because to fully assimilate many of these new ideas, you may need to “chew” on them a bit.  Meaning, you stop and think a concept over.  Maybe reread it a couple of times.  That is tough to do when you’re just listening.  You are a full participant in what is being communicated if you are reading.

Secondly, where audio does have a place is personal development audio.  I work with a company that has hundreds of hours of calls that were recorded on many subjects regarding personal development.  There are also many you can download from amazon, the library or many other outlets.  They are great to listen to when you’re exercising, sitting quietly or driving so that you can focus on what is being said.

Third, you can subscribe to newsletters that offer daily sustenance emails in the personal development or spiritual vein.  I subscribe to Abraham-Hicks, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Cynthia Kersey, Daily Om and The Universe at Tut to name a few.

Fourth, you can watch videos for free on YouTube or subscribe to any author or speaker you feel drawn to for their videos.  For instance, Abraham-Hicks has a YouTube channel where you can access many of their videos.  Just about any speaker you can think of has videos you can watch.

Fifth, you can like or subscribe to fan pages and groups on Facebook that are dedicated to personal development and/or spirituality.  Much like Elizabeth Hartigan’s page cited above, there are many Facebook pages that post content to help uplift you and program your mind for positivity and success.


So, you’re going to be thinking thoughts all day anyway.  Doesn’t it make sense to direct them for your utmost benefit?  I think so!!  All the Best my friends!