Top 5 Ways Your Job Is Costing You 5-Figures!

It’s Sunday night as I’m writing this.

I always hated this night because it meant

the dreaded “Monday Morning” was just
around the corner …

In tonight’s video, I’ll introduce you to

a new way of looking at Sundays …

Plus … offer a solution on how to

start LOVING Mondays!

Here comes the video …


Please go ahead and leave your comments

below in the chat …

And “stay tuned” for the “replay” of

my signature broadcast …

“Top 5 Ways Your Job Is Costing You

Five Figures!”


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10 Responses

  1. Mey Duldulao says:

    Hi Kevin, thanks for sharing these insights. I never thought about how my job might be costing me money however you have opened my mind =) I appreciate you!

  2. William Wood says:

    Kevin, I always I like your insights on things. I have a huge respect for the decision you made to be a dad-preneur. I have created a new decision for myself now. Thanks!

  3. William Wood says:

    Kevin, I like your perspective on Monday mornings. Your story of being a dad-preneur has been super inspiring to me. You rock.

  4. Leslie Lane Peabody says:

    Man – what a GREAT subject to discuss! Opened my eyes! Thank you so much!

  5. Lynn Brown says:

    Yes, kill the 9 to 5 is what I did Kevin after being a corporate robot mom for almost 3 decades! We do have choices and your message will be helpful to people to make that decision and give themselves permission to make different choices. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Janet Green says:

    Lol Kevin! So glad I’ve been able to kill the alarm clock to get to work. I can now use it for something I really want to do. 5-figures is too much to sacrifice!

  7. Kelly Camp says:

    Wow… i never looked at it from those perspectives….very interesting in deed and something to ponder. Thanks

  8. Stephanie Wedra says:

    Yes that’s why I fired my boss lol Thanks for sharing!

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