Lower Your Taxes By Starting A Home Business

Did you know you’re OVER PAYING your taxes by having a job instead of a business?


The SINGLE best thing you can do to KEEP more of your money is to IMMEDIATELY start a home business.

That’s the topic of today’s video …

I was fortunate to see Sandy Botkin, author of “Lower Your Taxes” at a business conference back in 2011.

Unlike the “stereotype” of the “typical” I.R.S. agent, he’s extremely entertaining and informative.

And, since he “retired” he’s now one of “us!”

Be sure to check out his website — www.SandyBotkin.com .

And also download his incredible app called TaxBot.  (Search for it on The App Store or Google Play!)

Like I stated in the video above … (you did watch it, right?)

Now is the best time to start a home-based business.  

The I.R.S. is practically “paying” you to do so.  (Think about that.  When you’re keeping more of your own money legally, it’s the same net outcome, right?)

Of course, I better offer a BIG disclaimer … 

I’m NOT a tax professional. 

But, I do work with some!

At the very least … 

1) Order the book “Lower Your Taxes

2) Start your home business for just $25 and test-drive us for 30 days.

3) And be sure to leave your comments below!

Thank you, again, for visiting the blog!

Stay tuned “tomorrow” for The Top 10 Ways Your Job Is Costing You Big Time!

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2 Responses

  1. Mey Duldulao says:

    Thanks for the great post, and yes, I started making a lot more money back from taxes the very year I started my home business…

    • Kevin Knecht says:

      Awesome, Mey!!! That was my personal experience, as well. Congratulations to you for making the time to figure out “the rules of the game.” This “game” is available for all Americans. However, far too many know more about Hollywood celebrities than 10 ways to retire in the next 10 months!